"Finger Food" Dessert

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Well, it was time for the Christmas Party at Church, and the pastor's wife said we should all bring "finger food". Being one for following instructions, I did just that.  Being one who is very odd, and going to a church full of equally odd folks, I figured, this would be perfect. 
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Step 1: Ingredients and Supplies:

Picture of Ingredients and Supplies:

Wheat Bread
Sliced Almonds
Strawberry Jam/Jelly/Spread (I prefer jam with seeds and fruit chunks) 
Yogurt covered cranberries (Optional and substitution allowed of course) 


Rolling Pin
Bowl or two or three
Cutting Board

Step 2: De-Crust Bread

Picture of De-Crust Bread
Simple. Cut the crusts off the bread, try not to waste any more than you have to. 

Step 3: Flatten the bread

Picture of Flatten the bread
Flatten the bread, this will become the "skin" of your fingers. 

(Yes, I am weird, I like a glass test tube for a rolling pin!!) 

Step 4: Cut into Halves

Picture of Cut into Halves
Cut the bread in half, each will become a finger. Put one aside for now. 

Step 5: Add jam

Picture of Add jam
Add some of the strawberry jam, not too much or it'll squish out.  This becomes the "Meat" in the fingers. 

Step 6: Add a pretzel "bone"

Picture of Add a pretzel
Use the pretzel to spread the jam out as shown, then put the pretzel in place. 

Step 7: Roll Finger

Picture of Roll Finger
Loosely and Gently roll the bread, being careful not to squish the jam forward into the roll or out of the ends too much. 

Step 8: Shape joints and fingertip

Picture of Shape joints and fingertip
Look at your own hand, and notice how the finger decreases diameter near the end, and between the 2 knuckles.  Shape the finger slightly the same way. Don't worry if it bursts or anything, but don't over-squeeze either. 

Step 9: Add the fingernail.

Picture of Add the fingernail.
Choose a nicely shaped almond slice. I prefer either pointy ones or well rounded ones, with some of the almond skin "brown" at the edges to look like the real thing.  Dip them in honey and coat well. Honey on one side becomes "glue" while the other helps to give a nice grungy look.   Do your final shaping to the end of the finger, and add a little honey there too. 
Biggsy2 years ago
I love how you took these to church :D
Lorddrake2 years ago
ok .. i gotta know .. how did these go over at your church Christmas party?
odiekokee (author)  Lorddrake2 years ago
Very well actually, and there were none left :)
that is awesome. good job!