Introduction: Finger Hockey

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Hello, if you liked my Bloody Knuckles table top game I'm sure you will like this!

It is called finger hock, it is like hockey except... wait for it... with fingers!!

Step 1: Materials and Creating the Stick

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First and foremost you need to create the stick, puck and goal. All you need are a few paperclips and a dime or penny.

For the stick, you just bend it into the shape of a stick and tape it very well and very wide.

For the puck you just use a dime or penny. It's optional I tape it, it doesn't affect your game in any way.

The goal is a bit confusing, just use whatever is lying around to create a goal. Use cups, paper, anything you can find!

The photo of the candle is my little goal.

Step 2: Holding and Playing

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Holding the stick is easy. Whatever is comfortable. I just hold it like a pencil.

The rules are the same as regular hockey. But if the puck falls off the table, it affects the game the same as in bloody knuckles, except the play is redone.

Another rule, no swiping! That means no hitting fingers with the stick!

Step 3: ... and Done!

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And done! This is a very fun version of the popular game hockey. It doesn't require any skill you just need to shoot the puck into the goal and you score a point.

I usually play to 10 or 15 points but you can do whatever you want!

So good luck and I wish your team a successful winning streak!


Rvogue22 made it! (author)2014-11-25

i made it but instead of a penny or dime i took a piece of paper and kept folding it till it was small. anyway i like it!

hunter_gatherer (author)2013-12-21

Interesting yes very interesting

dangerusswilson (author)2013-12-21


Boredomkiller (author)2013-12-21

Check out my Bloody Knuckles instructable if you like this one!

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