Finger Light





Introduction: Finger Light

Having a light attached to one's finger can be extremely advantageous when working in tight spaces.

This instructable will demonstrate how to make an inexpensive finger light using commonly available parts.

Parts List:

Step 1: Remove the Clip

Remove the clip from the LED light.

Step 2: Outline

Trace the outline of the clip on the neoprene mouse pad.

Step 3: Cut

Cut the shape out of the neoprene mouse pad.

Step 4: Contact Cement

Apply contact cement to both the bottom of the clip and the fabric side of the neoprene mouse pad.

Step 5: Squeeze

After the contact cement is dry, squeeze the neoprene on to the clip.

Step 6: Strap

Put the hook-and-loop cable wrap between the clip and the LED light. Make sure the fuzzy side faces out; the hook side will snag on clothing and other items if it faces out.

Reattach the clip to the LED light.

Step 7: Finger

Wrap the strap around the finger and the light is mounted.

Leave the cable wrap long if the light is to be attached to various other objects. Otherwise, cut to length.



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    if you found colored film you could make a light show .

    huh. small and useful. This would come in handy if you did not have a spare hand, and you needed a light. But just in general use i would stick with my maglite. Nice handy instructable, if you want a small light, or if your moving stuff and need a light :-)

    meat-wad is awesome. is your picture of meat-wad?

    That last picture looks like you were cutting off the circulation to your finger, maybe you should use velcro.

    if you were paying any attention to the Instructable's words, not just the pictures, you would see Velcro Qwik-tie in the parts list.

    This is an awesome little tool. I just built one and it's really a handy addition to my tool box...


    Thanks for the comments! I added a parts list.