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We lost several people in our family last year.My Father and Mother, my Aunt, my Nephew, and my Cousin. My Niece showed me a silver disc on a chain around her neck. It was the fingerprint the mortuary made for her of her son. I wished that I could have gotten something like that of my Mom's or Dads. I know it is too late for something like that for me from all the loved ones that I lost but I can leave my fingerprints for my daughters. I can also get fingerprints for me to have or fingerprints for anyone, with the help and a lot of fun from my grandson.

I sculpt quit a bit and I work with Polymer clay in some crafts. It is light and easy to work with. I also do bedding and use jump rings in my beading work.

These "Fingerprints" can be made using any color of Polymer clay and even tinted on the edges to make them look like flower petals. So you will always have the fingerprint of someone you love. Mother, Daughter, Son or grandchildren, or a grandparent can make a single fingerprint petal for a necklace bob. Fingerprints of a loved one are always left on the heart.

Take 2 small pea size balls of clean polymer clay and flatten them one at a time. Get them the size and thickness you want then make one clear fingerprint on at least one side. It may take a few tries. starting from the round pea shape. once you have the petal, work gently and try not to make more prints on the good print.

I open the jump ring and put it through a hole made with a toothpick leaving the ring open while you bake the clay. When baking is finished add the petal to the other jump ring on the ear hook or necklace jump ring and crimp shut.

Your Fingerprint petal is ready to wear or give away to a loved one.


gellis2 (author)2015-05-12

Brilliant idea! You could even use different colors for different people - and a fun gift for children to be a part of!

Jesters Mother (author)gellis22015-05-14

Such a funny thing. I sculpt with is from time to time and always take lots of time to smooth my fingerprints out of the piece. I plan to have my grandson Demetrius help me make flower petals and try to make apple blossom flowers for earrings. I make a bumble bee that I would like to attach to the flower too. A fun broch when you add the pin on back. With his finger prints, made with just tiny flat circles of Polymer clay.

gellis2 (author)Jesters Mother2015-05-14

I make a silk ribbon embroidery broach that your flower, bee, and finger print would fit on nicely! Thanks!

tomatoskins (author)2015-05-12

This is an amazing idea! Being able to carry around something like that is awesome!

Thank you tomatoskins, Fun to make with kids. too.

Thejesterqueen (author)2016-02-06

Great idea! I just bought clay to play with the grandkids and this will be a fun way to have something I can keep. I like your name too.

Jesters Mother made it! (author)Thejesterqueen2016-03-15

Ha ha yea. you too. My daughter was a Jester and I got to make her costumes and Jester Scepters. Ill add a few images if I can.

Jesters Mother made it! (author)Thejesterqueen2016-03-15

Ha ha yea. you too. My daughter was a Jester and I got to make her costumes and Jester Scepters. Ill add a few images if I can.

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