Finger Snowboard Instructable





Introduction: Finger Snowboard Instructable

Finally the instructable for the finger snowboard shown in my slideshow (improved!).

Step 1: The Parts You Will Need...

The picture shows all you need apart from another couple of sheets and some simple office tape!

Step 2: Design...

I guess everybody likes a different design, but the basic things are:

-You have to make it large enough so that the ends of the bindings do not go off the edges too much.
-Long enough to accustom both of the bindings without the being squashed together; but not too long.
-Nice round edges.

Most of it is common sense really...

Step 3: Making the Deck (part 1)

-You now have your template. Cut this out.
-Now take a new sheet of paper and fold so you get some good thick stuff to cut from.
-Check if it can accustom the width of your board.
-Trace around the template on your thick stuff.


Step 4: Making the Deck (part 2)

-Before cutting out everything staple the whole lot as shown. You will want to staples on each side to bend when making the tail and the nose.
-When you have this cut out!

Step 5: Making the Deck (part 3)

Now the final part...

-Circle lots of tape round it to make a nice, hard structure.
-Bend the nose and the tail.
-Bend those staples to to make to board keep it's shape.

There... You have the deck!

Step 6: The Bindings

You will have to custom make the bindings for each finger.

-First you cut a square of paper approximately what I have shown you.
-Roll it round your finger etc... To make it look like what is on the photos.
-You then ensure it's sturdiness using tape and make it look better with strips of paper. It's common sense really...
-Do not make the bindings to large, long, high etc...

Make two of these...

Step 7: Stick It All Together! (you Are Nearly Finished!)

-This is common sense...

Step 8: Well Done!

You have finished the Finger Snowboard!



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    You can use a pc with paint on it so you customize it,print it ,cut it ,tape it &voila awessome

    this is so cool all that tech deck stuff and that crap is so hard for me to control but this it stays on your fingers  


    Dude, you should check out my instructable, its basicly the same thing but the snowboard is way sturdier and the bindings have straps look :


    thanks for the great post. me and my brother made 5 of them and they're so awesome but is there any site which will teach you how to do tricks?

    i made a man sized one, and sold it for £60.00 (cool dude)

    i made one a while back and my friends loved it so i made them each one for $5 each. they really liked them and i got money so were all

     this is my snowboard and quarter pipe hope you like it good instuctable


    thats basicly just cheating! when you jump on a tech deck its more fun on this it just sticks to ur fingers!

    great this is awesome i love it it's nearly better then my real snowboard

    whats bindings?