Step 4: Begin Shaping

Turn up the speed about 1200 rpm or medium speed, this makes it easier to remove more material and achieve a better finish.

Here you just remove a small amount from the handle and shape the outer part of the main body. You can make this anyway you like but I like the look of a dome shaped body.
But very little trouble. Was great
Be careful using logs especially if they are green. When they dry the piece will more than likely distort and many times crack. Also I have been turning for 20 some odd years. Use double stick tape instead of hot glue it is a little more safer and reliable. Good instructable .
Thanks for the double sided tape idea, Ill have to try it. As far as the wood goes that log had been drying for around 3 years so&nbsp;I think its done drying, or its dry enough to turn but I definitely will add something about green wood to the instructable. <br /> <br /> Thanks<br />
sense you are parting it off anyways and you are gluing to a scrap piece of wood I would just use regular wood glue. Double faced tape for turning can be kind of expensive (or maybe I am cheap). <br />
I would you regular wood glue but it takes alot longer to dry and both surfaces have to be perfectly straight, with hot glue you can fill in slight imperfections, and it dries very quickly.<br />
The instructable was pretty good. I like the spinning top too, never seen a finger tip one before.<br /> I don't understand why you'd glue anything though. Why don't you just screw into the lump you're intending to turn, especially as you part it off anyway?<br />
<p>1 Roll has lasted me for 5 years. It cost me $4 to me that is a good investment.</p>
Hmmm, at my local wood craft it is $20.99 for double faced turning tape 1&quot; x 36 yards. http://www.woodcraft.com/Product/2000390/3903/Double-Faced-Tape--1-x-36-yds.aspx<br /> <br /> What kind of tape are you using? I might be interested in buying some. <br />
Great work, I&nbsp;love the fact you used such a great tool as a Shop Smith 10ER, I&nbsp;purchased one a few years ago and love every minute that I use it.<br />
Looks fun!&nbsp;I've never seen one of these until this instructable.<br /> <br /> Looks professional.<br />

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