Finger hockey is a game that you can play almost anywhere with a wood table. It is easy to play and is very portable. It is a 2 person game but possibly with more people.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
- masking tape (a lot)
- scissors
- 3 dimes (30 cents)
- a piece of cardboard like in the picture

Step 2: Puck

To make the puck, stack the three dimes on top of one another. Then, cut the masking tape into halves and wrap it around the dimes left to right and up and down.

Step 3: Stick

Wrap the tape around the stick multiple times. Look at the picture for tips.

Step 4: Notes

To play you can make nets out of books or something and hold it like the picture. Also, you can't block the puck with your hand. It works best on wood tables. I might mod the finger jousting armor for goalie pads....

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