Hi all,
This intructable will show you how to make a great, cheap, easy and funny prank for aprils fools.

Step 1: Ingredients

1. Ketchup (or any other blood resembeling material).
2. Toilet paper\ cotton ball
3.Chocolate dairy pudding in its original package. (make sure its not transparent).
4.Sharp knife
<p>heh. got it.;)</p>
<p>What if the victim insists on taking it out of your hand to open it....?</p>
ha ha than you just have to be a gentleman\woman and say &quot;let me do it for you&quot;
<p>ha ha ha</p>
Wow!<br>this is awesome!
Thanks! My amazing G-friend thought about it... :)
HEY. I am scared for the next time someone gives me pudding... <br>
I did this before ... i got smacked o.0
yummy can i eat this finger?<br>
ketchup and pudding doesnt sound so yummy to me... but if thats your thing...
then y did u out it in the prank <br>
OMG that is scary. cuz if if were the victim i would run home and lock my doors. GEEZ what if the finger is real. NAWWW the prank is really good
thanks :)

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