Introduction: FingerGuard

Cut fast,

cut straight,

save your fingers with FingerGuard.

Step 1: Orientation and Support

I advise this orientation and support structure for this print.



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    who says its a stolen idea and in this day and age.. we are all using borrowed ideas.

    besides I would make the glide surface smooth. no logo.. unless it's smooth but not embossed like it is. all in all. I never used this and never cut my fingers.. technique is key.. and practice.

    works I have a kitchen knife that cut through one I printed and it's looks photo shopped

    1 reply

    Yes the presentation pictures aren't real it's obvious.

    What material did you print with?

    I've got only positive feedback from people who tried it out till now.

    Yes, it is not my idea, but it is my own design. Most 3D printables out there are redoing of old ideas. I like 3D printing for the opportunity to personalise and do in your own home things that may not be available at the near stores.

    Good idea, but I think it is not the best shape to easily 3Dprint without support ?

    I will try ;)

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    No, you cant print it without support.

    Genius! You could (should) sell these.

    This looks really cool! I'd love to see a video of how to use it!