Fingerman Badge for Cheap





Introduction: Fingerman Badge for Cheap

The Fingermen, the secret police in the graphic novel/movie V for Vendetta, headed by the infamous Creedy. Here's how to be one for Halloween!

Step 1: A Bit of Background and Materials List

The Promised Bit of Background:
The Fingermen, being secret police, do not have uniforms. They do however have badges and guns. Leaving the gun part to you, this is how to make the badge.

~Cardboard (a flap from a cardboard box is plenty)
~Red, blue, and silver Sharpies
~A glue of some sort (unless you're a Gorilla Glue god, then I would stick to wood or school glue)
~Ruler and pen(cil)
~Scissors and/or X-acto

Step 2: Putting It Together

~cut out three pieces of cardboard using the diagram
~color according to diagram. if you have two-tone cardboard, color on the brown side
~stack and glue in this order from top to bottom: silver - blue - red
~tape into wallet

Step 3: A Reference Picture

From the RPF, by member Kris



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    11 years ago

    i made mine just to have in my wallet at all times, i used some scraps of 1/16 thick clear red plastic and some black plastic sheeting from a cd case

    9 replies

    well im jealous

    ---update--- they took it at airport security

    WHAT?! why?

    i ahve a bunch of magnets in my wallet to hold the money in and they were interfering with the x-ray so they took everything out of my wallet and sent it thriugh again i guess it got lost in the shuffle.. oh well im thinking ablot takig a black colibri lighter i have that has the right dimensions and puting red electrical atpe on itr or something and using that...

    that or they don't let secret police through...

    I see a win lol V must be working for the Airports now... I'm gonna look out for the mask.

    that or next time you make one for your wallet make em attach useing velcro

    Magnets do not interfere with xrays. However if the magnets were powerful enough they might interfere with the CRT that views the xray data.

    very nice what about the survalence blocker thing that the dectective and v have when they want privacy

    2 replies

    actually i do know about that one ;-) it's a small clip-on book light that has been cut down and a red filter placed over the light bulb. for more info check Google for "v for vendetta scrambler light". also check out the Replica Prop Forum.

    V for Vendetta is one of the movies that I can watch again and again. I love the end of it. "Remember remember the 5th of November..." with this you can say to your friends that you were an extra in the movie using the "get you hand into spiderman 3" instructable and you played a fingerman and keept the prop :)

    V is for Victory!