Finish Up Your ABS 3D Printed Model With Pen Torch


Introduction: Finish Up Your ABS 3D Printed Model With Pen Torch

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Problem statement:

Most of the time after you remove the support printing materials there will be some white marks in some places.


You can use flame / fire to restore back the ABS color to its original. You can use a lighter but I prefer to use a torch because it is much faster and usually do not leave any black mark on my models.

See my video here



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    This is a really cool idea. I wonder if it works on PLA too? I would recommend putting the YouTube video into the Instructable though. You can just paste the link in and it will embed itself. That way, people don't have to go to a separate page to see it. Great work!

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    Haha! got the video embedded... earlier I didn't see the embedded video button but all good now thanks!

    I have not tried on PLA but from what I understand PLA has lower heat tolerance than ABS so should be more effective to remove the white marks but a little bit too long you can melt faster. By any chance if I try on PLA i will post a video of it :)

    About the video thanks for pointing out, I just notice it didn't embed properly I will try to fix it.