Finished Paracord Ends





Introduction: Finished Paracord Ends

Paracord is a great material to work with, except for the fact that the ends fray pretty badly.
I figured out a way to finish the ends with minimal effort and without burning yourself.
Of course we all know how to burn the ends of paracord.
But, this leaves a "bulb" at the end that can make it difficult to weave through whatever you are working on.

My solution:  SPIN IT

Knife, scissors, or other cutting implement

Step 1: Burn the Paracord

Burn the paracord like normal.

Let the end get good and melted.
You want the inner core to "combine" with the outer sheath

Step 2: Spin It

Blow the flame out and QUICKLY spin the end.

This cools the end and keeps it from bubbling up.

You are spinning the molten end of a burning piece of a plastic/nylon string.
There will be little drops of molten string that will fling off.
So do this outside or in the garage.

Step 3: Trim the End

During the spinning process you may get a long "hair" on the end.
Trim the "hair" off with whatever cutting tool you prefer.
You could even gently reheat it to smooth out the end.



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    4 Discussions

    Having been burned by melted paracord, I don't think I will try this.

    good idea but a little impractical with a bracelet I usually press the end on a knife or scissor blade

    Cool! I've never thought of singing the ends this way. Another way to do this is to cut out a few inches of the inner strands and just melt the outer shell a little. When it's cool enough to quickly touch but still hot enough to shape, point the end. No bulb at the end and (usually) no burns. (-:

    So simple, yet I never thought about it. Thanks, great idea.