Introduction: The Fire-breathing Steel Dragon Helmet

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I mean seriously, dragons? they're everybody's favorite lizard! partner it with a flamethrower, you're about to steal all the eyes this halloween!

Mount it on a wall, wear it on, it's all good. IT STILL BREATHES FIRE ON IT'S OWN!

in today's episode of makersauce, we'll be making a supposedly paper mask but heck, paper? i'll pass.

so i then asked myself, what's cool? oh yeah. METAL. so that's how the idea came about.

The fire-breathing steel dragon helmet.

....i got a gut feeling i'm calling it khaleesi.

Anyway, i am not responsible for any injuries. Please be aware of what you are doing. enjoy!!

Step 1: Video

Are the instructions too vague? worry not. most of the instructions are found on the document once you purchase your copy from the wintercroft website.

I forgot to mention, Here's where i got mine!

just follow everything as indicated. essentialy, it's all the same....sike! metal is always cooler.


Step 2: The Five Minute Flamethrower

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  • so i ran out of time to design a remote controlled flamethrower and my eyes are really swollen, now 36 hours in, still staying strong so far ;)

Things you'll need to build this simple flamethrower:

  • Copper tubing
  • Empty bottle that your gas canister would fit in
  • electrical tape
  • cutting pliers
  • Cutter blade

First, cut the bottom of the bottle off, make sure your gaas canister fits snug. Make sure your copper tubing is able to hold the gas valve in place when you press down on it.

Next, Fix the copper tubing through the mouth of the bottle. luckily mine was a shampoo bottle so i made use of the hole already present there, Then you're gonna want to bend the copper tubing into the shape of the bottle so that it gets a hold of it's shape, you'll need this once you start taping it in place.

Mummification: wrap the copper tubing and bottle top in electrical tape and voila you have your five minute flamethrower.

Just press the end of the gas canister down and you should expect really really cold gas coming out of the other end.

Next you're gonna want to bent the copper tube to the shape of your helmet. make sure there is a little piping sticking out between the dragon's teeth and wear a balaclava and goggles while you're at it, i am not responsible for your injuries, please be aware of what you are doing. enjoy!!

Step 3: Omg Its Working

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sorry but if you personally knew me, i would have made a remote controlled flamethrower for this one, i swear when i get the time i will update you guys with how to make one just like mine. i hope you guys enjoyed! stay safe


TypeNameHere (author)2017-10-11

Hi any ways I could connect the pieces without soldering or welding? I was thing rivets but not sure. Could I just blow torch the metal and solder it like that without the acid?

bhavik zure (author)2017-01-01

cool, nice idea.
thank u for sharing.

pieterg (author)2016-11-07

Hahaha.... Great! Do you Have any issues with static electriity? It Just looks like the setup could cause problems with that... However, the flames might Just solve any issues with statics.....

Makersauce (author)pieterg2016-11-07

flames could remove static? that's so cool i didn't know that! and no, there is no static on here, what made you think about static though?

pieterg (author)Makersauce2016-11-07

The flow of the gas through the exhaust nozzle can create static electricity. In combination with a steel helmet, i just figured....

About the flames: A flame ionizes the surrounding air, which means, it makes the air a better conductor. So any static electricity can flow, and yes, then it's not static any more, its flowing (current).

Makersauce (author)pieterg2016-11-14

thanks so much for the info, i didn't know that!! where did you hear about this?? its really interesting

pieterg (author)Makersauce2016-11-14

If you're really interested in this kind of stuff: Look up a college in your vicinity, enroll in physics or chemistry classes.

You can also enroll in a site like OpenCourseware. Science is never boring when you have a creative spirit!

treyes4 (author)2016-11-08

Love the video!

kylegilbert (author)2016-11-07

Looks awesome!

gm280 (author)2016-11-07

I have to say it look really neat. But that sure is a gutsy project with it that close to your face. I just hope nothing ever goes wrong. JMHO

Makersauce (author)gm2802016-11-07

surprisingly, it's quite safe since the end of the gas tubing is way far off the mouth, i should make a video on what it's like inside the mask, thanks for the idea!

Anirudh Ralhan (author)2016-11-07


pieterg (author)2016-11-07

there are just so many ways this could go wrong.... Love it!

reed-deasstevenb (author)2016-11-07


Pyromaniac_65 (author)2016-11-07

Good job. This is great

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