Fire Breathing With Food As Fuel





Introduction: Fire Breathing With Food As Fuel

Here is a great way to blow huge flames more than 10 feet high without using any toxic chemicals. This method uses food as fuel. It is much safer than alcohol or other fuels, not only because it is non-toxic, but also because the fuel is not really flammable until you blow it. It won't burn if you spill it on yourself. With that said, you should still be careful when playing with fire. I take no responsibility for any damage or injury you might suffer.



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    This is why woodshops have dust collection systems. Dust inside a building can explode. Google "grain silo explosion" if you want another example.

    what can i use to do this besides matches? does it have to be mixed with water or used as it?

    You can use anything that is on fire, that won't blow out too easily.

    The corn starch has to be dry. Don't mix water.

    do i have to use matches or what do i use for the flame besides cornstarch??

    i like to use cinnemen....however you spell it.

    should i use just one big breath or a double tap?

    I go with one long heavy breath. I try to get as much air as I can in my lungs and then blow it all aout in about 1 second.

    The best way is too mix 1 part corn starch and i part powdered sugar