Picture of Fire Extinguisher Lamp
A everyday lamp made from a old fire extinguisher. Using parts from a old lamp too! My first instructable.

List of Items:
Fire Extinguisher (Old ones work best)
Lamp (even a 15$ one at walmart works)
Drill with metal drilling bit
Place to empty "baking Soda"
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Step 1: Emptying the Fire Extinguisher

Picture of Emptying the Fire Extinguisher
Choose an old fire extinguisher. And Let Er Rip! The easiest lamp to emtpy is a fire extinguisher that needs to be recharged but its not as fun.

Step 2: Unscrew the top and empty

Picture of Unscrew the top and empty
R:\4h Projects\4H 2007 Projects\Lamp Fire Extinguisher\Fire 011.JPG
Unscrew the top. (it comes off really easy on the old ones.) You should expose a tube as you take it out. You will need that later.
You then empty the remaining "Baking soda" at the same place you put sprayed the things before. Then I took our air compressor and blew everything out just because.

Step 3: Start Lamp

Picture of Start Lamp
R:\4h Projects\4H 2007 Projects\Lamp Fire Extinguisher\Fire 015.JPG
R:\4h Projects\4H 2007 Projects\Lamp Fire Extinguisher\Fire 016.JPG
Take apart your old lamp. Any lamp will do. Even if you went to Walmart and got a cheap 15$ lamp. Its all the same parts.

I then got the size of the threaded rod so I could drill a hole through the top of the fire extinguisher, because you need the cables from the top of the lamp to fall through the tube you exposed earlier.

You then take the threaded rod and hold it against the pipe from the fire extinguisher. You need to cut the pipe from the fire extinguisher if its longer then your threaded rod.

Step 4: Drill Hole

Picture of Drill Hole
R:\4h Projects\4H 2007 Projects\Lamp Fire Extinguisher\Fire 019.JPG
R:\4h Projects\4H 2007 Projects\Lamp Fire Extinguisher\Fire 020.JPG
Start by drilling a hole into the bottom of the fire extinguisher. Most fire extinguishers are made from aluminum so its not hard to drill into. I used the same size as my threaded rod size.
I then took and made a "lead" wire to help me get my actual electrical wire (which plugs into an outlet, that one) set through it all of the tubes.
I'd start from the bottom and go through the top, then through your threaded rod, to the top. its the best way to go.
DIY Dave4 years ago
Looks great. Where did you get the fire extinguisher?
Derin7 years ago
no baking soda if you have the water based type
It'd be really neat to replace the nozzle on the tube with a light bulb, and put some flexible wire wire inside of it...so you can move it around.
I made one like that, except I made it into a flashlight. Here is my page about it. Please leave a comment if you liked it. I will try to make an instructable for it soon.


crashman91 (author)  Weissensteinburg8 years ago
I know. the whole time i was thinking about that. But i didn't have the time. Possibly next year. This was for County fair.
this is a really cool idea, im gonna try it!