Fire Lighting With the Aid of a Pencil Sharpener





Introduction: Fire Lighting With the Aid of a Pencil Sharpener

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Step 1: WHY ??

Right for those of you that have tried to light a fire but

find it difficult to get it to ignite one of the reasons might be the wood that you are trying to catch might be too big.

Step 2: Sticks and Shavings

With most metal pencil sharpeners tend to be made from magnesium so they can be used mutable ways.

The sharpener can be used how it was intended however instead of putting a pencil into it we put in a stick.

Secondary to this as I was saying the pencil sharpener most of the time is made of magnesium like mine here pictured is, with this I can rub the back of my knife down the side of the sharpener and collect the shavings and put those into the fire as magnesium ignites very easy when in small shavings.

Also you can use the sharpener to put pointed edges onto sticks for a trap or spear.

Step 3: Ignition

Now it is just a case of ignition, in the photo your see my

ferocidium rod (Made in another Instructable) and with a few strikes of this I was igniting but due to the strong winds it was being blown out so with the aid of a fire pad (Another Instructable) I used this to get the flame to keep and help the rest of the wood ignite and stay lit.

And for anyone wondering the box i,m using to burn in is called a fire box. It flat packs down and fits in my rucksack easily.



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    Looooooooong time lurker, first time poster...

    This is so ridiculous, I can't believe this is the first time I have heard of it!

    +1 for tinder making

    +1 for available sharp blade

    +1 for second sharp blade

    +1 for magnesium backup starter

    +1 good measure


    So easy it is laughable.. I am always looking for a new idea... this is great.. thanks..

    Not a problem happy to help more things coming soon

    This is a really great idea. I can see that it'd definitely make a difference here. Thanks for the tip!

    Also, I also use a similar wood stove from TATO Gear called the Element Titanium Wood Stove. You should check it out!


    Thanks for that i was planning on moving upto the Bushbox XL

    Brilliant idea. Especially for the reason of the sharpeners being made of magnesium anyway, so you may as well have them in your pack rather than a regular mag block that serves no other purpose.

    Super idea to get shavings. Using a pocket knife always seems to get something too thick. Thanks for sharing!

    I love the idea too.

    How do you use the magnesium?

    Have you got a video please.



    Love the idea, great for survival!