Fire Pit





Introduction: Fire Pit

How to make home made fire out supplies were purchased at Lowes.
60 12by4 retaining wall blocks made for fire pits.
01 bag of drainage rocks.
01 bag of lava rocks.
Man strength.

Step 1: Hole

Dig a hole about half the blocks height about 2". I dug mine about 10" bigger in diameter to get my base. Also used a barrel to reference a circle

Step 2: Level

Now level out the edges on wear you plan on putting your blocks.

Step 3: Gravel and Blocks

Lay just a handful of rocks down around wear you plan on putting your blocks. I used a barrel to reference my circle this pit is ten blocks around. When stacking blocks I set my ontop of eachother to stagger them. Brush off dust and debree from top of block before placing them.

Step 4: Drainage Hole

Now with a post hole digger dig a 20" hole in center of pit and fill with drainage rocks and with extra rocks pour at bottom of pit. After that layer the bottom with any types of rocks I used lava rocks because they hold heat we'll don't used earth rocks they tend to break and explode.

Step 5: Enjoy

Pick up a 6 pack and enjoy.



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