Picture of Fire Roasted Spicy Cheesy Chicken Corn Chowda

Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
1 Box of Chicken Broth
1Pint of Heavy Cream
1/2 Pound of Jalapeno Cheese
1 Pound of Chicken Thigh
1 Bag of Baby White Corn
1 Poblano Pepper
1 Red Bell Pepper
1 Large Sweet Onion
1 Can of Beer
Spices (your favorites)
ireneev4 years ago
This looks really good.
cybergod4 years ago
This looks and sounds super good. Now to figure out where to get a Poblano Pepper form and also some Jalepeno Cheese (the later should be easier). Can't wait to try. :)
jhowe_rc4 years ago
This looks like a hearty meal type soup. Does it come out very thick or can it be thickened if it does not. I cant wait to add this to my soup variety to keep ready made in the freezer. Do you know if it freezes well?
BPIZZLE4 years ago
So Lemme Get This Straight...NO FINGERS IN IT???...Hmmmm...Intriguing...Lol Looks Delish. Good Job, I Cant Wait To Make
supergee521 (author)  BPIZZLE4 years ago
Yup no fingers... Well chickens fingers may be good in it... But that's leading to heart attack in bowl. Thanks for compliment and enjoy!
Hiroak4 years ago
Wow that looks really good,

Did you lable your Spoon, SPOON?
supergee521 (author)  Hiroak4 years ago
Nope it came that way. Forks lacked fork, knives labeled knife.