This is an awesome fire starter!

Step 1: Materials

Egg Carton

Dryer lint

Candle or bees wax

A pot


<p>the reason I ask, is because without a lighter, wax is hard to melt and ignite. it's a good design, just hard to implement if you are starting fire with a bow or the like </p>
is this for convenience or survival?
<p>It's for both! it's good for just starting a fire in your wood stove or for cooking hotdogs. Also if you ever got lost in the woods or anything else you can use it.</p>
<p>Nicely done!</p><p>However, I would recommend that the wax be melted in a &quot;double boiler&quot; (a pot siting in a pot of boiling water). Otherwise, there is a real risk that the was will catch on fire.</p>
<p>baecker03, I would consider it to be for convenience until you need it for survival. I am planning to go ice fishing this weekend. Getting a fire going on the ice and snow can be a pain. Something like this seems perfect.</p>

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