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For this instructable I am going to show you how to make a fire starter kit. It is a very good and cheep kit. Let's get started...

Step 1: What You Need...

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  1. A knife
  2. Char cloth (If you don't have char cloth I am going to be making an instructable on how to make some)
  3. Lint from a laundry dryer
  4. And a magnesium fire starter.

Step 2: Getting the Lint...

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  • Most or all of you should know how to get lint from a laundry dryer, but I made this step just in case you don't. So somewhere on the top of the dryer there should a handle. You need to pull the handle up. There should be a screen type thing attached to the bottom of the handle. The lint is stuck to the screen pull it off and you have the lint.

Step 3: Finish It Up...

All you need to do now is get a container (preferably water proof) to put you kit in and then you'r done. The video below explains how to use the kit.


Mattakers (author)2014-07-19

I'd also add a lighter, box of waterproof matches, tinder quik, and cotton balls with petroleum jelly on them.

Himers (author)Mattakers2014-07-19

Thanks for the tip.

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