Introduction: Fire Starter Pouch

Picture of Fire Starter Pouch

a pouch for my firestarter

PS. Please vote in Tandy leather contest

Step 1: Choose a Shape

Picture of Choose a Shape

choose the shape for your bottom piece,

any shape is fine as long as all the sides are of equal length.

Length of side =X

Step 2: Make the Sides

Picture of Make the Sides

make as many side panels as there are sides to your base.

The formula for the sides is in the picture.

Step 3: Sew It Up

Picture of Sew It Up

Sew all the parts togeather with a 5mm overlap (see picture)

Step 4: Turn Inside Out

Picture of Turn Inside Out

Soak the pouch in water till soft, turn it inside out and flatten our any folds or creases.

Step 5: String It Up

Picture of String It Up

Lace the string through the holes.

Lace template in picture

Step 6: Fill

Picture of Fill

Put your things inside your awesome new pouch.

Tie the string to your belt and go to town in style BD


tomatoskins (author)2016-09-14

Nice looking pouch! Thanks for sharing!

M²Bp (author)tomatoskins2016-09-15

Thanks, ill be sharing a whole bunch of stuff shortly from leather work, to armouring and soke pretty badass masks as well as pickling and jarring

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