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Here's my first instructable on a simple kit for making fire. I use this during long campouts when I will need to make a lot of fires. I have several means of doing so, so enjoy! :). (Sorry about the crappy pictures and bulletpoints, they got messed up during editing)

Step 1: The Bag

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For the bag, I used an empty first aid kit carrier. It has plenty of pockets to keep everything organized.

Step 2: Fire Sources

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To create the sparks or flame I included... •The all-important Bic lighter •A magnesium bar •A Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel 2.0 •Two containers of storm/hurricane matches •Four boxes of waterproof matches (I keep these in mint tins to prevent crushing)

Step 3: Tinder

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For easy-to-light material, I included... •A container of dryer lint •A film canister of cotton balls (there's another FireSteel in there too) •A travel sized tub of Vaseline •Some SOL tinderquiks •A roll of jute twine

Step 4: Summary

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With these items and the skills required to use them, you will be able to make a fire in no time at all. :D


EmcySquare (author)2014-02-03

Isn't this a bit overkill? All that stuff might last you for about 2 weeks...


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