Fire Style! Fireball Jutsu! / Katon! Goukakyuu No Jutsu!





Introduction: Fire Style! Fireball Jutsu! / Katon! Goukakyuu No Jutsu!

About: Watching Naruto... lol Also InuYasha, Yu Yu Hakusho. Deathnote and Bleach. I am a Narutard and maybe Deathnote..tard, but nothing else.

... Yeah, I'm sad like that. What I really wanted to do was make my first Instructable, and as most of the Naruto ones are done 20 times, I wanted to be original. This is for Jutsu and if the right kind of reception or something will result in more. Actually I'll make them anyway.

Step 1: Serpent/Snake

OK, first hand sign - serpent.
This is the most simple. You just Put your hands together and bend your fingers to make the shape below.

Step 2: Ram/Sheep

Quite easy.
Just remember, left hand above right. Also, your hands should ideally be straight. Sorry about that in the picture.

Step 3: Monkey

This one can cause confusion if you see aniime pics. It is not like pic 2.
The anime makes you think sommetimes that the little fingers the thumb.

Step 4: Boar/Pig

Simple stuff. Again, the anime can fool you. Picture 1 is correct.

Step 5: Horse

Hint - make the hidden fingers (index to pinkie) touch each other - latch on. That makes it easier.

Step 6: Tiger

Just make a gun shape. Straight fingers again.

Step 7: En Fin

Well done, you managed to get through this. But you forgot one thing. Chakra. Do it again using this Uchiha as a guide.

Oh yeah, and I doubt you'll get any fire. If you do, have fun explaining it.



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i put "katon! goukakyuu no jutsu!" into google translate and it said it meant "the technique of the fire losing Australian fireball"

it is

Kasai sutairu! Hinotama jutsu!



its not Katon! Goukakyuu No Jutsu!

If you want fire to come out, you have to study the chakra, how to manage it, control it and use it. It takes years to do that, so don't think you will do it without studying the basic principles of jutsus

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In real life you cant even use fire style using your chakras lol isnt real ya know.... but if you meditate your chakra everyday and you open your 3rd eye you can only use telekenesis,read other minds,bodyflicker,react so fast like in naruto ya know ninjas are fast trust me,moving objects using your mind (psychokinesis) OR PK, Destroy wall believe me i know everything about 3rd eye and chakras.. :DD GL remember dont hurt your self if u done this

I think it is fake because I tried many times but fire does not come out

Im a Mizukage yet i did a fire style justu, LOGIC

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how do you do it ?

i did it u just need chakra >.<

Dang I melted my braces...

I wish people can do a skill like that