Fire Style! Fireball Jutsu! / Katon! Goukakyuu no Jutsu!

Picture of Fire Style! Fireball Jutsu! / Katon! Goukakyuu no Jutsu!
... Yeah, I'm sad like that. What I really wanted to do was make my first Instructable, and as most of the Naruto ones are done 20 times, I wanted to be original. This is for Jutsu and if the right kind of reception or something will result in more. Actually I'll make them anyway.
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Step 1: Serpent/Snake

Picture of Serpent/Snake
OK, first hand sign - serpent.
This is the most simple. You just Put your hands together and bend your fingers to make the shape below.

Step 2: Ram/Sheep

Picture of Ram/Sheep
Quite easy.
Just remember, left hand above right. Also, your hands should ideally be straight. Sorry about that in the picture.

Step 3: Monkey

Picture of Monkey
Monkey (Incorrect).JPG
This one can cause confusion if you see aniime pics. It is not like pic 2.
The anime makes you think sommetimes that the little fingers the thumb.

Step 4: Boar/Pig

Picture of Boar/Pig
Boar (Incorrect).JPG
Simple stuff. Again, the anime can fool you. Picture 1 is correct.

Step 5: Horse

Picture of Horse
Hint - make the hidden fingers (index to pinkie) touch each other - latch on. That makes it easier.

Step 6: Tiger

Picture of Tiger
Just make a gun shape. Straight fingers again.

Step 7: En Fin

Well done, you managed to get through this. But you forgot one thing. Chakra. Do it again using this Uchiha as a guide.

Oh yeah, and I doubt you'll get any fire. If you do, have fun explaining it.
jojocircus6 months ago


The GamingK1 month ago
Oh and my chakra is highly unstable. ( OROCHIMARU!!!! )
Oh and my chakra is highly unstable. ( OROCHIMARU!!!! )
Imma bout to do it. But might burn my aunts new rental car
MiguelM62 months ago

it dosent eork for me

naruto20015 months ago
Oh i remember back in my day up here in Chicago people would shoot fireballs left and right
cruz.shanu6 months ago

I can't do it
please help me

nithin.croos6 months ago

you can actually do it?!!!


Fang7211 year ago
The only thing I find off-putting about this guide is that the OFFICIAL hand seal Sequence for the Grand fireball Technique is: Monkey-Snake-Horse-Boar-Tiger (meaning he only missed the actual first hand seal).
arai131 year ago
I know this jutsu for long time this jutsu have to be done well with chakra i flow the heat that come from jutsu you belive or not but this just simple to me as usual if you have to learn simple jutsu choose summoning jutsu
I made a campfire by doing it!
inuyashagal4 years ago
i got it chek it it looks older than i am
hidden225 years ago
anyone done this?
austincd1185 years ago
If you got fire show us a picture.

lunarman525 years ago
im gonna use this in my next fight
yeah tell me how that works out
I saw the one that FFVIIBOY did on summoning jutsu and it was great, like yours....
although I wish i would get fire doing this that would be great.....=D
FFVIIBOY5 years ago
OK i did one on summoning jutsu but i made sure to mention that i got the idea from you :)
FFVIIBOY5 years ago
I did get fire. And im gonna hav fun explaining it, but u shudnt keep reading if like puppys,

the little guy never saw it comin T_T
FFVIIBOY5 years ago
dude i want to do this for summoning jutsu cuz i memorized that. I also memorized Lightning Blade but thats only 3 signs but watever. Dude this is pretty cool i wudn hav thought of doin sumthin like this for an instructable u are original
Argon275 years ago
I love the cat in step one. XD
felows5 years ago
i got fire on my index finger i felt this heating sensation in my metacarpals (not sure if this one is the feet or hands) but i felt it specially through my shoulders...
lemonie5 years ago
Can you edit an image that combines you and fire? I'd look better as image #1. L