Fire Truck Beds





Introduction: Fire Truck Beds

About: I will not be active much, but S.C. convinced me to at least join and post an Instructable.

Way back when the boys loved anything with flashing lights, I built them these fire truck beds. The headlights light up with a flick of a switch (on the dashboard), and the smaller red lights on the front and back blink repeatedly. The "Grill" on the front opens up revealing a storage compartment. The wheels spin and there is a drawer on either side. Unfortunantly, the boys grew up and I had to give away the yellow one and dismantle the red one.



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    I like the Fire Truck but where are the instructions? So much for going pro. It looks great...

    Really cool! My Boyz love trains and I want to make train beds for them, Have you made any/ How did you install the lights and are they twin beds?

    How did you create the curves on the front?

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    I back cut 3/4 inch birch plywood to allow it to bend. That was before I learned of bendable plywood, which is what I would use now.

    Those are awesome! I love them - there shouldn't be age limits on having fun furniture.

    Awsome! I am a little too old for these though... 14, oh well.... soon enough I will make my own bed, I am presentally sleeping on 2 matresses stacked:P

    Those are WAY too cool!!! Love 'em!

    These are awesome! I wish I was a kid again :-(