Picture of Fire cake (cheap fire starter)
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This is a easy to make cheap fire starter that is safe and you should have everything you need at home. It will start a fire and last awhile. All you need is flour and lighter fluid, you can also use gas but I don't recommend it. If you get hurt its not on me...
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Step 1: Flour

Picture of Flour
zip lock.jpg
What you will need:
1. Flour
2. Lighter Fluid
3. Zip Lock Bag
4. Cup, Plate, or something to put mix in.

1. First, get one cup of flour and put it in a zip lock bag.

Step 2: Fluid mix

Picture of Fluid mix

2. Add lighter fluid to the cup of flour until it is like cake batter or how you like it. (If a bigger amount is needed then add more of both.)

TIP: Move bag in your hands to mix, when mixing close bag and don't use a spoon.

Step 3: Pour & Dry

Picture of Pour & Dry

3. Now it's your choice on something, pour the mix in anything you want and let it dry. (I perfer a plastic cup.) It works best wet and right out of the cup, but is more portable dry. Wait 5 minutes for it to dry . (No longer then 5 minutes or it will not work without adding lighter fluid to the dry mix.)

TIP:  You can put gunpowder in it,  it  will help to start the fire.

Step 4: Light it up

 4. Now pour it where you need it. Enjoy the heat and roast a wienie or two.

TIP: Roll over blackened mixture every 5 minutes or so to keep a good fire going.

TIP: This mixture can be used as a fire starter or a small fire by it self. 
neiled_it2 years ago
You could seal themin a plastic by ironing them in a plastic bag like in this video.they would definitely last longer.
meddler3 years ago
How long does it burn. Also, what is it's shelf life? How long does it stay "fresh" before losing it's effectiveness?
meddler meddler2 years ago
Thanks for the info. I appreciate it.
cmkwood (author)  meddler3 years ago
umm sorry for being so slow but it will burn for about 10 to 30 min depends on how you make it and does not stay fresh or active vary long.
Mr.1911 meddler3 years ago
Good question meddler. I would like to know as well.
mblack33 years ago
Neat idea!