I just completed a new project: a fire-free and fire-safe LED matchstick. To light this matchstick you strike it against a normal matchbox filled with neodymium magnets. The LED matchstick has an inductive sensor that detects the magnetic field as you strike the matchstick against the matchbox and it lights up a LED in a flickering fashion. The power to the matchstick is through a 3F/2.7V supercapacitor and a DC-DC converter. As the LED lights up, the supercapacitor discharges and eventually the matchstick splutters off just like a normal matchstick.

The matchstick is controlled by a Tiny13 microcontroller. Still need to put it in a perspex tube so that its easy to handle and is not damaged.
Very cute
Very nice. All you need now is a sensor that will turn it off when it hits wind...
Or the slightest change in air pressure...
Cool! great work.
asome ooooooooooooooooooo <br>
that is awesome!!!!!!!!!!
That is a very cool project.
So you put up a picture and video of a project you made from a book? Am I missing something? Where is the Instructable?
I wrote that book long after I put up the Instructable video. The book was published recently.
<br> This and other 34 projects are now available in a book, published by McGraw Hill International: <a href="http://www.amazon.com/tinyAVR-Microcontroller-Projects-Evil-Genius/dp/0071744541/">TinyAVR Microcontroller Projects for the Evil Genius</a>.
Guys that was simple. He had a micro controller mounted with a super capacitor as its power source and then had a reed swich and an led. a reed switch is basically a swich that is closed unless a magnet is placed next to it.
man this is awosome!!!!!!<br><br>Give us instructions!!!!
are u planning on posting this?? plz do it is awesome
&nbsp;we want instructables
Still waiting for an instructable.&nbsp;&nbsp; Puuuhleeeeze?&nbsp; Pretty please?&nbsp; :-)&nbsp;<br />
please make an instructable. pleasee!
Are u gonna post the sitructables or not?? the way it is, it&acute;s useless<br />
cool! you sound like fez from that 70s show
dude plzzzzzz make an instructable this is so cool man
could you please make an Instructable on how to make one
Wow that's just a brilliant idea! A very nice DIY project! Will interest others too, as I strike a .. PCB match against a box and when it will light!
However, I think the Instructables community would like more info about this, and on how to do it.
Ditto to what NoBonus said! And I would add that this is a very imaginative use of the technology. I haven't figured out any practical application for this yet; But I'm sure that there are some very clever people out there who will. Very cool!
Really clever!

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