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Introduction: Fire Goo

Some times while camping or hiking your lighter may not work or a fire way not light because you have no tinder. If a lighter wont light you may have to try to wrap a tissue with lint form sock ,shirt, pants, bellybutton :), put on tip of lighter ,spark and hopefully light to the goo. There is a product on the market called Coghlan's Fire Paste and is available but almost $ for a thing the size of a tooth paste tube.Always be responsible with fire Due to user coments I will say how to make step by step (note takes 30sec) 1/3rubbin alchol 1/3 third purell 1/3 magnesum bar shavings option
Add red die like in pic shake before use. Thanks for help comments



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    I think this would be better if you showed how to mix it, like you say you're going to do in description. Showing it used to start a fire would be good too!

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    the cheapest thing ive ever made as to something like this is a 50/50 maxture of gasoline and acetone (paint thinner) then disolved alot of styrofome into it till it started to form a thick gel at the bottom

    Excellent. Yeah, I saw the stuff at REI and actually though "Wow, that's expensive. Now I wonder if I could make this." Thanks for this vid. I'll have to try this.

    Almost any tube of glue(Duco, model cement, etc) is flammable and easy to carry. Squeeze some onto your tinder, light, and you have fire. I used to cut cardboard into small strips, and soak it in melted parafin. A whole bunch of them fit in a plastic bag. If you get really cold and wet, just light 2-3 of them and warm your hands whever you are. I don't do as much hiking and packing now, so the glues easier.  The hand sanitizer bottle is probably less prone to getting crushed

    Great video, and good luck, but it would havebeen better in my opinion if you actually had some video in there. Just look at all of the others.

    This is what I do when using that kind of lettering. . . I would make is slightly transparent so you could see what was behind it, but opaque enough to see the lettering. Or simply not to use it at all. Try subtitles.