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I will show you how to make a extremely dangerous fire kite.

My friend told me about this from another friend so I dont know how this originated. Anyway basically when you set the kite on fire it heats air trapped in pocket, and then rises like a hot air balloon and eventually incinerating its self about 30-40 feet in the air!!!

Honestly I have only been allowing the kites to get 10 feet into the air after that Ive been shooting them down with a fire extinguisher; a ball of fire rising above the tree line late at night might piss off the neighbors

Bellow is a video of a fire kite it is not my firekite I didnt make it film it or post it on youtube I take no credit in making this video, I will post my own after I have a chance to film it

i can not post a video of my own because my area has had 2/5th the amount of rain it normally receives thierfor i do not intend to set a of a device that will fly up into the air dropping ashes as it goes

Step 1: Get materials

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All you need for this is a hole sheet of newspaper, a stapler, and fire.
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m005k8 years ago
What a great way to start a forest fire! ----or maybe just burn down your own house.
Don't be such a downer m005k! If you are stupid enough to do this in your back yard and set fire to your house, or a forest, please don't expect us to be
I'd love to see a video of this when possible. Could you attach a string/piece of wire (fire proof) so that it can't get too far over...and then let it go all the way up?
I will try to get a video on the next kite we got a half inch of rain over night but things are still pretty dry. The kite deteriourates realy fast and i think a string would only hold onto a little part of the kite, just in puting the kite out with a fire extinguisher reduces it to a pile of white ash in the blink of an eye
u know a better way to do this????? u shuld take string and some sort of non flamable desk with a hole in the middle and put a couple of drops of gasolene or something elce flamable all the way up the string and make it branch off to the four corners then light the string at the bottom "note dont put as much flamable at the bottom so u dont burn off your hand" the flame will travel up the string and light all four corners
oh yeah i forgot to mention the string wont weigh it down cuz by the time it gets airborne the string has burnt off
The kite doesn't have enough lift to lift anything except itself. Add too many staples and it stays grounded, so a piece of wire is a non-starter.
sorry for my limited english vocab
no you cant tie a string to it coz it'll shatter the kite...

The flying will only occur when most (if not the entire) kite burnt to ash(?), yet still retaining its shape.. then it'll be light enough to float with the trapped heated air in it..

It isreally fragile, a slight gush of wind, or being touched by an object will destroy it..
Kiteman8 years ago
You rat! This is the Cincinatti Fire Kire from Backyard Ballistics - I've just been and bought a copy just to find out about this "kite", just to write an instructable about it.
where can i find this backyard ballistics book. it sounds like something the government would want banned. I WANT IT!
It's on Amazon.
Kiteman Kiteman8 years ago
Forgot to mention - good job on the Instructable. It will fly better if you can close the air-pockets by means of either careful folding or the application of tiny pieces of tape. Oh, and if you have help to light all four corners at exactly the same time it will rise more evenly and be less likely to flip over and release the hot air.
i make shooting things (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
thanks, ill ask my freind to ask his freind were he go the idea, Im gona order the back yard ballistics book today looks like it has cool stuff from the cover
Easy Button8 years ago
um i make shooting things your not aloud to put this instructable in the launch-it as you made it before august 1st.
opps thanks
no problem
John Smith8 years ago
This is in Backyard Ballistics by William Gurstelle.....I have the book, but haven't tried it yet.
Thats might be were my freinds freind found it i dono
Actually, I couldn't try it anyways because of the extreme south Florida drought. (fire ban)
same w/ utah. in a few cities, u cant even do fireworks on the 4th or its a $500 fine!!
yup, and i was about to post it on here!
CrashANBurn8 years ago
This origionated from the book (BAKYARD BALISTICS) the bible for pyros
F-zero8 years ago
I absolutely love these. I do them every night with my neighbors and we just watch them fly up and turn to ash. Thanks for posting this!
you can do the same thing in cold weather with kitchen towel and a bonfire.
gyromild8 years ago
Hey, this is a polong, at least thats what they call it here.. its a kind of folk game..

Btw, instead of stapling, just twist the 4 corners together. The twisted part will burn slower than the rest, making it float even higher.

But be sure to attemp this in a clear open space. You dont want to be burning your neighbor's roof..


bumpus8 years ago
this was in bakyard ballistics...
pmac93 bumpus8 years ago
that was a cinncinati fire kite that didn't use staples. This is a different version
jimmyw8 years ago
Fire kites are not extremely dangerous or even dangerous for that matter, I have read backyard ballistics and I have made a few kites they have never gone beyond 20ft or so feet. By the way if you are considering making one I have found kites work better during the winter or a cold day because the greater the temp difference the better they will go.
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