Step 4: Fly the kite

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To fly the kite flip it over so the side with staples is facing down then, just light all 4 corners at exactly the same time and within a few seconds you will have a large fire ball quickly rising into the air.

This leaves a trail of hot embers so only do this after heavy rain.
Im not responsible for any damage deaths or any thing bad caused by using this is really really really dangerous only use when nothing burnable is within a 100yard radius do not use in high wind

I am sorry for not having any pictures in flight but it has not rained here for a week and as I said this is dangerous the first few flight honestly I didnt think it would fly at all so I didnt really think about how dry the grass was

Some stuff to think about, I think the best time of year for this would be the winter after heavy snowstorm, less of a risk of fire and remember that this works because the air inside the balloon is lighter than the air around it so I think it would go really really high in the winter ; D
joemonkey8 years ago
dude i love the hot wheels radar gun!
Yess i just revamped it all jet black. Didnt do a great job at tracking the lacrosse balls though.
zachary9787 years ago
will it work if you use tape instead of staples? I need to know.
yeah it should just dont weigh it down to much.
The other guy with a similar Instructable made his out of tape, and in the video he posted the tape melted and it kinda fell apart.
I think I'd like to take this idea to the burning man festival. It gets pretty cold there at night, so it should work out. Is it possible to slow the burning by dampening the paper slightly? I'm wondering if I can use a light misting bottle filled with water to slow things down.
dont know but oldnews paper is free.
Allyoes6 years ago
Sweet, but isn't that dangerous to launch a kite on fire into the air??
quploid6 years ago
These fire kites are harder to make work in warm weather. Doing one in Florida almost requires a winter night.
Danfelix87 years ago
It didnt work .....
its hard to get right. try again, the more people you have lighting it the more likely it will fly
i is ninja7 years ago
good job ben, btw this is john
hey good to talk to some i actually know in person if u got any Qs Pm (private message) me