Fire With Flour!





Introduction: Fire With Flour!

I do not claim responsibility if someone is harmed because of this instructable. Be safe, and be smart.

I know you are probably thinking "What? Flour isn't flammable!", but it is. I am not a scientist, but what I do know is that flour is flammable when suspended in the air i.e. when you throw a handful of flour at a fire. It is relatively safe as far as I know, and it's pretty fun.

Step 1: Materials

There are very few things you need for this, they are:

-Flour (I used self-raising, I haven't tried with others so I recommend it)
- Flame source (campfire, fire starter, etc.)

Step 2: Light Your Flame!

Start up your campfire, or in my case a lonely fire starter block, but there were still impressive results.

Step 3: Add in the Flour...

Simply grab a handful of flour and throw it at the fire. Throw it fast and get out of there though, you don't want to catch your hand on fire!



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    would you be able to make a bomb out of this????????

    I would say no as baby powder is Talc powder, and in itself would not be flammable... However some baby powders have corn starch in them... In that case it could be used instead because the corn starch provides the caloric energy the flame needs to combust the material...

    It works MUCH better with corn starch! Simply take a table spoon of it and put it in your mouth, hold a lighter about half of your arm's length out, light it, and blow a mist of it...EASY fire breathing

    non dairy creamer powder works extremely well.

    I work at a summer camp, and we let all the girls make a wish and throw what we call 'fairy dust' in the fire. We generally use expired pudding mix, bisquick, and any other powder we can't use

    XD shattering hope and dreams. that's funny.

    Another common powder that is flammable when aerosolized is corn starch; here's a shot of a fireball blown with corn starch:

    Careful, it's dangerous