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i will be showing you how to build a rifle stand to paint or proudly display your rifle. :)

first of all the gun in all the pictures is an airsoft gun. it can easily work for a real steel gun as well.

before we begin some things you will need
- wood (anything with about 1 inch thickness will work)
- saw
- drill & nails
- rifle to display
- paint if you want

note: i didn't have my camera at the time i built it. but it isn't very hard or complex anyways so it should be fine. oh and i decided to ms paint diagrams if they are really needed at all haha.

note: this may or may not work with bulpup configurations. (the magwell is located near the stock of the gun (steyr aug, GIAT famas, or QBZ-95) reason being is unless it is a real steel firearm, i have doubts about the integrity of the magwell to withstand the weight of the gun itself. you can always try though.

note: probably also wont work with a shallow magwell like that on an AK series

Remember all of this is just a suggestion, i encourage you to take the idea and make it even better :)

Step 1: Choosing Wood

Before we begin you need to choose your wood. depending on the use of your stand you will choose a cheaper or more expensive kinds of wood.. i went with an old bookshelf that we were throwing out because i am mostly going to use it for painting.

You will need enough wood to make a stable base for your gun. i dont have any measurements for you because it will be different from gun to gun.

Step 2: Cut It !

Picture of Cut It !

you can cut the wood now to about the same length as your gun. and about 8-10 inches of width more or less is up to you.

make sure that the magwell insert piece is long enough so your gun will not hit the stand when you put it in.

i used a mag to find the width of it. and cut the piece so it would fit into my magwell.

at this point you can paint the pieces and apply varnish. i'm assuming you know how to paint it nicely if that is what you are doing.

Step 3: Put It All Together

Picture of Put It All Together

Drill a hole through the base and magwell insert and remember to measure the locations of the holes so they match up!

now take the screws and put them through the bottom of the base and into the magwell.

now to protect your magwell take an old sock and wrap around the very top and add padding at the top of where the gun would be resting on. this will make the fit tight on your gun and protect your bolt :]

huzzah! you're done!


Jai Burlingham (author)2013-11-23

That really is a very beautiful gun and nice work on the stand too! ;) Good 'ible.

James (pseudo-geek) (author)2007-11-25

nice gun. what is it? aside from the obvious SMG property....

its an m4. actually is a carbine.

nice man. are those legal to own in the US?

oh, its a replica. and yes... you could purchase the AR-15 civilian model. im not certain about the legalities/availability of the "patriot" front end.

lombax989 (author)rchocobo2010-09-30

So long as its a registered pistol dedicated lower receiver, and has only the buffer tube, and no stock, you can have as short of a barrel as you want. Otherwise, it has to be 16 inches, or a slightly shorter barrel with a permanent flash hider that all in all comes to 16 inches.

oh I thought it was real haha. good replica tho.

bluestripe (author)2009-09-27

what grip is that ?

rynoxville (author)2007-12-17

it almost looks like a utg shotgun exept 4 the barrel

Vertigo666 (author)2007-11-21

What's the fps on it?

rchocobo (author)Vertigo6662007-11-28

tuned to 350 for cqb

gotja (author)rchocobo2007-12-04

airsoft right? so what company?

rchocobo (author)gotja2007-12-05

ive said already, i put it together from scratch. from spare parts, etc.

Vertigo666 (author)2007-11-17

Yeah you can just put some brackets on the arm/wood piece that originally fits into the magwell. Oh, it's Airsoft Gi made? the gun, I mean

rchocobo (author)Vertigo6662007-11-17

nah, i put it together myself. guarder metal body, madbull patriot kit, g&p; lr300 stock, internals... lazy to list lol. yea but originally i wanted it as a display stand... so i thought brackets would look ugly but with particle wood. its already pretty ugly lol.

Vertigo666 (author)rchocobo2007-11-17

It's still pretty sweet.

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