Picture of Fireballs That You Can Hold
This experiemeant is very simple. First you must find some 100 percent cotton (T-shirts are normally made of cotton) some lighter fluid and a lighter
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Step 1:

Picture of
Cut the cotton material into long strips

Step 2:

Picture of
Tie the strips into knots unitl you can't tie it anymore and then cut the ends off

Step 3:

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put a small amout of lighter fluid on the ball 

Step 4:

light the fluid on fire (in tongs not in your hand)

Step 5:

slowly lower the ball into your hand maing sure it isnt going to burn your hand

Step 6:

stomp on ball to put out the fire
kymyst10 months ago

I think you have copied this from here


You are supposed to acknowledge the source if you copy someone else's work. Not doing so amounts to plagiarism.

AngryRedhead11 months ago
Needs video. :)
kihscience11 months ago
Pictures? Video? How does the reaction work?