Introduction: Fireballs You Can Hold!!!

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This fun, quick project is sure to bring you joy and a good time. They are extremely easy to make and can be made in minutes.

WARNING: If you are a kid you must have parental guidance on this project. It uses real fire that can still cause damage.

Now let's get to it!

Step 1: Materials

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This project only requires a few materials.

What you will need:

- a cotton cloth

- sewing string (or any other type of thin string)

- 91% alcohol (to keep it burning)

- water (for safety)


- scissors

Now that you have everything, let's move on to the next step!

Step 2: Cut and Ball Up the Cotton Cloth

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You don't need to be precise when cutting out the size of the cotton cloth. Once you have cut it out, start to squish and roll it up. Ball it up into a pretty small size. When you are satisfied with the size, move on the the next step.

Step 3: Tightly Wrap Up the Ball

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Carefully wrap up the ball of cloth with the sewing string to hold it in place. Go around it with the string many many times to make sure that it will stay secure. When you finally finish wrapping it, cut the string. To keep the loose end in place, tuck it under another part of the string.

Step 4: Dip the Ball Into the Alcohol

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Now that you have successfully finished the ball, it is now time for the final step.

Pour a little bit of the alcohol into a small container. Now, roll the ball around in the alcohol until the entire surface has alcohol on it.

WARNING: Wash off your hands before you light the ball on fire to prevent setting your hands on fire!

Step 5: Have Fun!

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This is a great little project to do for fun or if you're just bored. Have a great time with these but make sure to be safe. Once again, If you are a kid, have a parent help you with this project (yes I know I am a kid but I have been doing projects for years :)


CalebGreer (author)2017-05-22

How does it not burn you? Is it the Leidenfrost Effect?

Built it8867 (author)CalebGreer2017-05-22

The fact that it doesn't hurt to hold isn't entirely true. They don't hurt if you bounce them around, but it will start to burn if you keep it in your hand for too long. I'm not exactly sure if it has to do with the Leidenfrost Effect. It is a possiblility though.

CalebGreer (author)Built it88672017-05-23

Cool, thanks.

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