This is an simple and relatively safe method of firebreathing that can be learned and perfected in under an hour.

My other instructable on firebreathing is different in a few ways.

-First, and most noticeably, the method used in my original Instructable yields much more impressive results. Many of the fireballs achieved using the original method were 10+ feet long. Most of the fireballs created in this project average around two or three feet.

-The other, less noticeable difference, is in safety. If you screwed up using the original method, everyone you've ever loved or cared about would die a horrible painful death. Whereas using this method you are only putting yourself at risk.

-The materials are also much easier to come by than the things used in the original project. There are only two things needed, both of which can be picked up at your local bodegs.

Without further ado, here are 23 fireballs in 10.5 seconds.

Step 1: Materials

1. Lighter
2. Butane refill

(I bet you see where this is going)
<p>Helow Boy</p><p>In my country Brazil, I usualy to say &quot;Puta que pariu&quot; Are you crazy, and I too. Now I'm going in my garage light a fire in my Butane.</p><p>It was a pleasure to meet you.</p>
<p>I'm a professional fire eater and trust me, this is the best way to get hurt!</p>
<p> Has no one even considered how dangerous a Back-Feed could be while doing this... Because this is a gas and not a liquid, vapors can get trapped in your lungs and sinuses... If those vapors were to catch fire it could literally cause and internal combustion, and possible blisters and burns on the sensitive tissue inside the lungs...</p><p> After that you lungs will slowly fill with liquid, until you are no longer able to breath and you slowly drown to death... Almost the same thing that happened in WWII with Mustered gas...</p><p> It is not a pleasant way to go...</p>
If you want to learn to breathe fire do not learn it from a website. Find some fire performers and ask them to teach you. If they are responsible they will have you learn to work safety spotting first and they will teach you about the right kinds of fuels and tools to use for different types of fire performance. They will have you practice with water until they feel you are ready. This is a serious SKILL, and not a trick, and so many things can go wrong. Do not use any fuel other than what is specified by a professional fire eater/breather/performer. Go to professional fire performer forums and ask questions, but please find real people. NEVER do fire manipulation alone or drunk. I am a fire performer of many years and it breaks my heart to see instruction like this.
Ditto. <br> <br>No, seriously, ditto. I was performing at a graduation party about a week ago and afterward, someone came up to the stage to say that they were going to learn how to breathe fire, and they were going to do it online, and I could not stop them. *eyeroll* <br> <br>There's nothing wrong with wanting to learn how to breathe or eat fire, but find an actual teacher. Don't think text instruction is good enough; even a teeny tiny mistake and maim or kill you.
Lol. Y 'cuz I said so XD<br> Win Guy
do not do this, its dangerous
do this every, day it`s fun
Never would have guessed.
Have any of you hateraters considered that the same carcinogens are found in cigarettes as well as in the air of heavily populated cities? We all breathe in some nasty stuff.<br><br>I think burners and fire tribes know what they're doing...it's their lives. I know families that make their living breathing, eating, and spinning fire. Don't hate.
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Smoke rings =&gt; flame rings?<br/>
yeah, that would be sweet.
Is that possible?<br />
why can't you just put rubbing alcohol in your mouth. I know people use that for mouthwash sometimes...
Rubbing alcohol is liquid, butane is gaseous. Thus if something goes wrong the butane will burn in your mouth then go away while the alcohol will cling to your mouth and burn you.
ahhhhh VERY big diffrence when it comes to pain...
Who cares?? it will be worth it
<p>my dad done this when he was younger<br /> <br /> end result: singed eyebrows humans dont suit no eyebrows</p> <p>instead try this:<br /> &nbsp;<a href="http://www.instructables.com/id/Fire-Breathing-With-Food-as-Fuel" rel="nofollow">http://www.instructables.com/id/Fire-Breathing-With-Food-as-Fuel</a></p>
lol look at your teeth
&nbsp;thats probly what the butane does to them :)
isnt that dangerous? the can thing says poison
this is safer <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.instructables.com/id/Fire-Breathing-With-Food-as-Fuel/">http://www.instructables.com/id/Fire-Breathing-With-Food-as-Fuel/</a><br/>
iv done that it is pretty safe. i hope.
you are doing it wrong.
friggin awesome
Apparently him..
Oh YUCK! Who would put butane in their mouth?
people who want to breath fire..
Uhh... Ok...
lol im just kidding with you. i wouldnt want butane in my mouth either... OR KEROSENE, you hear that tetranitrate?? when a liquid changes to a gas, it wants to occupy sometimes more than a thousand times as much space as the liquid form took up.
A.K.A blowing up your mouth and being seriously bad for your health?
<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.wickedroots.com/Vaporizers/Neurotoxic-Effects-Butane-Gas.html">Neurotoxic Effects from Butane Gas</a>Some inhalants change cardiac physiology and increase the risk for cardiac failure. For example,butane (from cigarette lighters), freon (from aerosol propellants) and toluene (from glues) hypersensitize cardiac cells to norepinephrine, the neurotransmitter that stimulates cardiac contractions. Inhalants interfere with the transport of oxygen by interfering with the binding or release of oxygen by red blood cells. The resulting hypoxia also causes cardiac cell hypersensitivity to norepinephrine. Norepinephrine sensitivity and hypoxia can cause cardiac muscles to defibrillate or begin contracting randomly. A syndrome called Sudden Sniffing Death (SSD) occurs without warning, and discontinuation of breathing the inhalant does not reverse the sequence of events. Victims of SSD often appear to sense that something is wrong, and run away from the source or site where they were inhaling, before collapsing and dying.<br/><br/>Neurotoxic Effects<br/>Permanent cerebral and cerebellar neurological disability is the most well known toxic effect of chronic inhalant abuse. Long-term abusers are at significant risk for a neurological syndrome consisting of memory loss, cognitive impairment, sleep disturbance, depression, anxiety, and personality changes. Permanent cognitive disorders are also well described in patients who chronically sniff gasoline. Long term occupational chemical exposure (e.g., painters) may result in the development of cerebral atrophy and abnormal EEGs.<br/>
are you a professor??
That is why you do not inhale it.
Tetranitrate - A question. How many 'ibles have you seen where someone has commented and their comment has made it clear that they have not properly read, or have totally misunderstood the 'ible? Kids read this site. They see a video of you blowing fireballs and go straight to their dad's lighter refill. Yep, you breathe it in and blow it out - obvious. Very hypothetical, but would you want to be responsible for just one injury directly inspired by your 'ible. I'm not a health and safety fanatic - far from it. I've made explosives. I've made fireworks, I know the smell of my own burning hair, but some things are just too dangerously stupid to try and get others to copy.
do you really need to abbreviate?
don't have to. it's heavier than air, and can settle into your lungs... where it can mix with O2 to sustain a burn down into your lungs. firebreathing is dangerous, but this is recklessly so.
And another amazing instructable by tetranitrate....think I'll try this too. And I'm looking through all of your stuff, and what a wonderful Pyro you are!
Only 1 thing to say you've done it agian Tetranitrate
haha thats cool im definitely going to try it. my friend did something similar with the busen burner gas in science class
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.instructables.com/id/Fire-Breathing-With-Food-as-Fuel/">this</a> is cheaper and cooler and safer.<br/>
Sweet trick, it is a little more hit-the-ground-running than the "proper way" Instructable. And for everybody having a coronary and pointing out the implicit and impending doom, I think they're as likely to drown on their own Haterade than a responsible burner is to get laryngo-spasms or spontaneous snorting disorder or whatever point is trying to be made.
dude, this instructable is sweet!
Dude as a responsible firespinning, i'm just gonna say this is stupid! ;) An even safer method which will create 5foot+ fireballs without putting anything in your mouth is get a metal tube about a foot longer and a kevlar torch (like for kero breathing). Cover one end of the tube with your thumb, put in about a teaspoon of custard powder/flour any fine powder. stick the tube in your mouth light the torch, blow the powder into the flame. Enjoy!
And why do you think they do this in the shows, on stage and dances? its just to show off.
Looks fun - I'm not gonna wave the 'this isnt safe flag' at least liquid fuel tends to burn less inside you - if you breathe in, you inhale a fuel-air mix, which is on fire...a good way to explode your neck :D I am indeed gonna try this one.
At least I know how to kill myself while having fun now...i was actually gonna do this, not that id care if I died, but others would, and this IS CRAZY.
well, at least the fire will counter act the frosbite you get from the evaporating butane....