Firecracker Line





Introduction: Firecracker Line

If you have any firecrackers left over from 4th of July, this is the instructable you want to know about. It's sweet and easy to make

Step 1: Firts Open the Pack of Firecrackers

Open them and take em' out of the wrapper

Step 2: Taking the Firecrackers Apart...

To do this there is a little string I am holding, take that and undo the string

Step 3: Snapping Them...

When you break the firecrackers you will need to be careful so you don't break the firecrackers in half

Step 4: Once Done Snapping Them...

Once you are finished snapping all of them, take each short fuse and place them in the broken spot of the firecracker, then close the part of the fire cracker gentley. As shown in the next picture but make sure you don't snap the "!!!!green fuse!!!!"

Step 5: The Firecrackers Almost in Action

This is what the firecrackers will look like after you finish putting them in their place Note: see where the green fuse is, put it at the end of all the firecrackers

Step 6: The Firecracker Line in Action

This is the line in action, sorry but I almost dropped the camera by taking a picture of the "firecracker line" in action!



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hey guys i live in california where can i get my hands on some firecrackers?

go out of state hopefully the closest bordering state has firecrackers. I live in michigan and we just go to ohio for fireworks

I live in ohio. we totally always take them out of state within 24 hours and never detonate them in ohio or shoot them off. we're good citizens. I would never ever do tests to see how duct tape affects firecrackers. and my brother would never get rockets to set off on his 21st birthday. totally. yeah.... I mean, what? also, you could check the legislature of states close to you. if it's legal to sell fireworks there, you can just drive on the highway for a while and you'll see a big "WHOLESALE FIREWORKS!" sign. they're everywhere.

I know. Take some of those pull string confetti thingies and fill em with powder. Then stic ka fuse into the chamber. *Boom* "Whoo-hoo! Hey, where's my arm?"...

I doubt it, unless they were made during the Vietnam era. The M-80 sized firecrackers around today simply have a regular legal-sized firecracker inside a big tube.

If you are in Wisconsin stop in at Hwy 41 and Jackson street June 19 - July 5. Dude has a big TNT tent with rockets, mortars, roman candles, M-80s, and 3 inch racks! THe web site is @ www.vipfireworks,us

just so you know, m80's are very illegal. everywhere in the US. they were developed to simulate gunfire. they also blow hands into bloody stumps right quick.