Introduction: Firecracker Line

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If you have any firecrackers left over from 4th of July, this is the instructable you want to know about. It's sweet and easy to make

Step 1: Firts Open the Pack of Firecrackers

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Open them and take em' out of the wrapper

Step 2: Taking the Firecrackers Apart...

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To do this there is a little string I am holding, take that and undo the string

Step 3: Snapping Them...

Picture of Snapping Them...

When you break the firecrackers you will need to be careful so you don't break the firecrackers in half

Step 4: Once Done Snapping Them...

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Once you are finished snapping all of them, take each short fuse and place them in the broken spot of the firecracker, then close the part of the fire cracker gentley. As shown in the next picture but make sure you don't snap the "!!!!green fuse!!!!"

Step 5: The Firecrackers Almost in Action

Picture of The Firecrackers Almost in Action

This is what the firecrackers will look like after you finish putting them in their place Note: see where the green fuse is, put it at the end of all the firecrackers

Step 6: The Firecracker Line in Action

Picture of The Firecracker Line in Action

This is the line in action, sorry but I almost dropped the camera by taking a picture of the "firecracker line" in action!


struckbyanarrow (author)2008-02-11

hey guys i live in california where can i get my hands on some firecrackers?

Eastbound and down!

hello plz anyone i need fire crackers!@

go out of state hopefully the closest bordering state has firecrackers. I live in michigan and we just go to ohio for fireworks

I live in ohio. we totally always take them out of state within 24 hours and never detonate them in ohio or shoot them off. we're good citizens. I would never ever do tests to see how duct tape affects firecrackers. and my brother would never get rockets to set off on his 21st birthday. totally. yeah.... I mean, what? also, you could check the legislature of states close to you. if it's legal to sell fireworks there, you can just drive on the highway for a while and you'll see a big "WHOLESALE FIREWORKS!" sign. they're everywhere.

I know. Take some of those pull string confetti thingies and fill em with powder. Then stic ka fuse into the chamber. *Boom* "Whoo-hoo! Hey, where's my arm?"...

i make-m

technopundit (author)2013-05-16

I doubt it, unless they were made during the Vietnam era. The M-80 sized firecrackers around today simply have a regular legal-sized firecracker inside a big tube.

bang56 (author)2008-06-10

If you are in Wisconsin stop in at Hwy 41 and Jackson street June 19 - July 5. Dude has a big TNT tent with rockets, mortars, roman candles, M-80s, and 3 inch racks! THe web site is @ www.vipfireworks,us

codongolev (author)bang562009-07-30

just so you know, m80's are very illegal. everywhere in the US. they were developed to simulate gunfire. they also blow hands into bloody stumps right quick.

RocketPenguin (author)codongolev2011-06-05

i still have a few...

boofyvid (author)2009-10-13

does any1 no if i can get fire crackers on the gold coast if so where

Plasmana (author)2008-06-26

I wish I have some firecrackers again... Anything that goes "BANG" in UK is illegal. Even firework rockets are illegal too!

agent harmsy (author)Plasmana2009-10-02

You think the UK is tight, try AUSTRALIA!

Plasmana (author)agent harmsy2009-10-03

Nah, Im happy here in the uk :P How tight?

agent harmsy (author)Plasmana2009-10-03

ALL FIREWORKS except sparklers and caps for cap guns are BANNED for everywhere except the northern territory, and even then you have to be over 18 and have a driver's license to prove you live there, and KNO3 and sulphur are illegal (which only means they're about $20 a kilo from various sources :D). They've even got rid of the KNO3 stump remover, and you have to be a licensed horticulturist to get the sulphur used for plants! Still, I can make rockets out of sparklers, and crackers out of caps and paper and tape :D Ways and means :P

Plasmana (author)agent harmsy2009-10-04

OMG! Why? Did Australia have teroist attacks using fireworks before or something? Really, I am not going to move there... :P

knexfan9182 (author)Plasmana2009-10-08

no there just stupid because there bans that toke away the right for a civilian to own a gun (or much of anything else) gave the criminals power because the only thing that made the hasitate was the thought of what if he has a gun went away

Millawi Legend (author)Plasmana2009-02-27

fireworks arn't ileagal. i know because i like in the uk. i live down the south in portsmouth.

Plasmana (author)Millawi Legend2009-10-03

I did not say fireworks, I said firecrackers, (bangers).

lil_pyro (author)Plasmana2009-05-18

make them then i do

GreenDay (author)2007-03-23

Ya, in Canada these can easily run $5.00 per 16 pack. They should be legal, they're alot of fun. But no, then someone might blow off their finger, or shove one up their nose... What states are these legal in?

agent harmsy (author)GreenDay2009-10-02

In Australia where I live they're SO illegal you have to MAKE THEM YOURSELF! With MATCHES and SPARKLERS! Grrrrrrr I mean come on! They even got rid of the stump remover with KNO3 in it!

codongolev (author)GreenDay2009-07-30

legal in ohio to sell, but not to detonate. which is a little dumb, if you ask me.

hellfire911 (author)GreenDay2007-04-20

wow where i live you can buy a big wire sized roll of like 20,000 for about $80.00 lol and i'm in wisconsin

GreenDay (author)hellfire9112007-04-20

Time for a fireworks run to wisconsin I recon...

pyroarchist (author)GreenDay2007-06-26

you can also buy them in northwest indiana... thers a black cat store that always has a 40-50% off sale that has huge rolls of em you unroll however much you want then you cut it off and again... really cheap

theres also a shelton's near the ohio border they have almost every type of firework we spend like 200 dollars every year

Loveofchaos (author)GreenDay2007-07-12

they arent legal in california, but they are in new mexico =, nevada (i think), texas, most central states i think. but as pmac93 stated, if your in the country, or have cool neighbors, you can get away just about anything

pmac93 (author)GreenDay2007-04-23

if you live outside the city limits of somewhere or in an unincorporated county you can do just about anything :)

diablothegreat (author)GreenDay2007-03-26

fireworks are legal in Pennsylvania but I used them in N.J. so they are pretty much illegal where i am...

ninjaman (author)diablothegreat2007-03-26

They're legal down south. I always see tons of stores when I go down there.

festigio369 (author)2007-09-28

diablothegreat, just so you know, you just made everyone who did this with similar packs of firecrackers waste their time. they are already in a string, if you take it out of the package and light the green fuse it ignites all of them. you don't need to go do any of the steps in your instructable.

madhops0620 (author)festigio3692008-04-03

wolf pack firecrackers com in rolls of a couple thousand. haha its so intense

codongolev (author)madhops06202009-07-30

I've seen 16000.

westfw (author)2007-03-23

Hmm. I really have to do that instructable on "How to REALLY do fireworks."
These pictures are from "Western Winter Blast" 2003. See also the Pyrotechnics part of my geocities page, where there's video of the string that worked better. Also, try searching youtube for the PGII SuperString Videos.

(not that doing creative things with smaller numbers of commercial fireworks is a bad thing, mind you; safer and more creative than the things some people do with matchheads!)

codongolev (author)westfw2009-07-30

holy. deuce. I was at a phantom fireworks store. there was a big roll of 16000 firecrackers.... I wanted it. I also don't have $219, and if I did, I wouldn't spend it on firecrackers.

struckbyanarrow (author)westfw2008-04-13

did they all die in the making?

!!!!! wow !!! i know u!!

westfw (author)struckbyanarrow2008-04-13

The "pyrotechnics conventions" like Western Winter Blast or PGII Convention are run with a pretty tight eye on safety, and serious injuries are very uncommon. For instance, you'll notice in those pictures that there's an awful lot of "bare dirt" around those setups... (you should also note that these massive setups are done with commercially made firecrackers and etc, not homemade ones. Not that there isn't plenty of homemade stuff, but it's usually done on a less explicitly massive scale, and it's essentially a different "genre". "Setting off 150,000 bottle rockets at the same time" - cool. "Putting together a choreographed-to-music 15 minute "display" using consumer-legal fireworks" - cooler. "Building a 6 inch multi-color Japanese style shell and firing it, for the first time" - still more cool. "demonstrating and describing a blue strobe rocket based on a silicone binder (never been seen before)" - coolest. (subject to the mind of the beholder, of course.)

Digital_Anarchy (author)westfw2007-08-10

*cough cough* "tetranitrate" *cough cough*

FrozenFire 99 (author)2009-01-22

lol i still got about 400 fire crackers left from new years eve.

TaylorMenard (author)2008-01-25

man i live in canada so all firecrackers are illegal but once in a while some of my friends get some from the us and bring them across the border and ive used all kinds of firecrackers and those mofos are loud lol but the wicks are garbage get world glass those r the best

well i live in Canada too but I can still buy firecrackers but only in Indian reserves

Supreme_Angler (author)2008-02-15

This is pointless firecrackers are supposed to explode not fizzle.

biggy smalls (author)2007-12-16

actually firecrackers of this sort are legal in clifornia as long as they are under 1/4 inch thick

Edd.roadrunner (author)2007-09-28

Lols i live in the uk but go to france alot. You can pick up 4 quarter sticks for about 2 euros (and im 14 and they still sell them to me.

just to let you know, they are ripping you off. No they arnt what alot of people think, they are not a quarter stick of dynamite. All it is, is in a bigger tube with a different name so people who don't know will buy it thinking its really more.

dolphins42zaphod (author)2007-08-11

darn this is complicated stuff ill have to go over this again once or twice....

saltypyro (author)2007-07-24


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