Its cheap and easy!

Make your weekend useful by decorating your garden with as many jars of fire flies hanging from the trees! It takes less than 10 mins to make one of these. So try it out!

Step 1: What You Need!

  • Any colour festival led lights will do! (its all right if some leds don't work)
  • A large plastic jar (mine is a bit small but don't use glass!)
  • A drilling machine or a screwdriver
  • Electrical tape
  • Scissors
  • Strong string
  • Hot glue or epoxy or you could try using some other glue if you know it will work.
  • And a little skills! :)
<p> This is great.I brought the wire over to the outdoor plug and wired the flashing unit inline and with it your firefly PLUSE and blink and do all sorts of things. I have a controller that will plluse to music. Now when the two feet of snow melts and the temp vets above zero I will be ready to go with one on each side of the porch.</p>
<p>That's awesome!</p><p>Post a picture of that when you use it :) </p>
<p>What makes it Firefly-like? Where I live the fireflies glow in a pulsating pattern. The lights you show would just come on and stahy on, or am I misunderstanding something??</p>
<p>Nope you haven't misunderstood any thing! Its your choice what type of led lights you use. You could use Christmas pulsating led lights to make them look realistic. But I haven't used them in my Instructable to keep costs minimal, cheap and easy for others!</p><p>If you are using the pulsating led lights then you should always keep the little control box inside NOT outside the jar (due to water the risk of electric shock is much more). </p><p>If you want it to look more realistic then go for the pulsating one!</p>
<p>One suggestion I would make: If this is going to be left hanging outdoors, you might want to seal up the hole in the lid with caulk, epoxy, or hot glue to keep water (or even insects) from collecting in the jar. Heat should not be a significant issue if you're using LEDs.</p>
Why shouldn't you use a glass jar?
<p>I said that because glass is heavy and plastic is light. You could if it has a plastic top or if you are going to hang it on a thick and strong branch.</p><p>But the one which I made is cheap, glass may be a bit more expensive. If you try it let me know how it worked out for you.</p>
If you were to recycle a glass jam jar then it wouldn't cost you anything and glass isn't that much heavier than plastic, the only problem would be if you dropped it and it smashed. Cool project and if i do make one i will post a picture.

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