Firehouse #19





Introduction: Firehouse #19

Firehouse #19 is an old old Fire station in our neighborhood, in fact the oldest in Atlanta. For a sketchup class I made a 3D model of the building. While it is neat to see the 3D model, I would love to see a physical copy of it and I think that the Fire men would find it neat as well! Please support this Fire station. Here is a link to the station.

Part of the assignment was to take photos of the building we designed and sketch the photos and then merge them into a 3D design. That is why there are the photos attached to the file.

Since Instructables does not allow .skp or .stl files you can access them in my google docs folder with this link.\

Files available in .stl and .dxf format are available in the attached .zip folder.

To learn more about exported .skp files to format perferablle to 3D printers such as .skp please see my other Instructable.



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    this model is awesome, you should add it to the free 3d prints group:
    also, if you ever have trouble uploading a certain file type to instructables, put it in a zip file first and then upload the zip.

    Thanks. I had not though about the zip file. Do you know the size constraints of the free 3D prints club as this is in feet right now and I need to rescale it!

    You will receive a free 3D print (within a 3" x 3" x 3" bounding box) for every original Instructable that gets accepted into the group and was published after August 15th, 2012.

    you need to sign up for the group, then you will see a submit button