Hello this instructable is a geocache where you have to use tools to open the cache and log it

I have ad some text to the photo's and ad a wireplan.

it is not the best instructable because when i maked it, i'ved never heard of instructables.com

you can always ask for details to make it.

Step 1: What Do You Need to Make This Cache:

Plywood 6mm thick

wood 15mmx15mm

2 old DVD drives

Clickson 60 degrees NO normaly open

coper strip thin as possible

iron strip 15mm wide 2 mm thick



firetruck toys with alarm and light

gluegun for gluing the truck

and a led backlight for a bicycle


Step 2: Unmantle the Drives

make a hole in de drive big enough to led the other drive go through it

Step 3: And for the Rest of the Instructable Use the Pics

Step 4: Painting:

use your imagination for the colours!

Step 5: Wire-ing

Step 6: Final Testing and Testing

feel free to use it for your geocache we will be honoured!!!!

<p>This looks great, one question (I'm not very good with electronics):<br><br>How did you wire the batteries to the DVD Drive (I have a few dvd drives lying around but can't seem to wire two AAs to it)- do you have any photos of the connection or any better guidance?</p>
<p>Very cool! So did you hide this somewhere to use it as a geocache?</p>
http://coord.info/GC58PBZ in the netherlands

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