Picture of Firewood Rack-Trampoline Reincarnated
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Here's an idea for demolished trampolines. Use the legs to build a firewood rack. We had a large limb break off of a Post Oak tree during a typical Central Texas thunderstorm. It landed right on our new trampoline!  One of the leg bases was crushed, so I only had enough pieces to make one rack.  

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Each trampoline leg is made up of a base with (2) 90° corners and 2 straight sections (pic1):

You'll need:
(2) - leg bases from trampoline
(8)- straight leg sections from trampoline
(1)- 5' length of 1-5/8" pipe (chain-link fence line post)
(1)- 4' landsacpe timber or 4' treated 4"x4"
(4) - 3/8" x 3-1/2" lag screws
(4)- 3/8" flat washers

Electric Drill
Drill Press
1-5/8 Hole Saw Bit
3/8" Drill Bit

pencilneck4 years ago

Finally got a chance to make it last night.
tkneese42 (author)  pencilneck4 years ago
That's great! I'm waiting for 100° to end so I can cut & haul firewood for this year!
Todd Kneese
Fredericksburg, TX
pencilneck4 years ago
Great idea! The house I purchased month ago has an old trampoline down in the woods from the previous owner. I'll fish the legs out this weekend and make use of them since I'm up to my ears in fire wood now.