Firewood Stand/Log Storage




Introduction: Firewood Stand/Log Storage

I had some metal bands left over from the wine barrel tables that I have made in the past, so I recycled the bands into a firewood stand.

Step 1: Materials Neeeded

2 x wine barrel bands

3 x short pieces of wood

2 x wood legs

5 x meters rope

Jig saw

Varnish and stain

Fishing line and needle



Step 2: Assemble Framework

I sanded the bands to remove all the shape edges. I used a clamp to hold the bands together and cut strips of wood that screwed into the bands to support the logs. I cut two thicker pieces of wood that fit under the bands to stop it rolling over. I marked where the bands would be screwed into the wood and used a chisel to remove a section so the bands fit in better. But be aware that the bands can be different sizes so measure each one.

Step 3: Paint Bands and Stain and Varnish Wood

I stained and varnished all my pieces and assembled them, ready to add the rope. I used a chrome color spray paint suitable for metal and sprayed the inside and outside of the bands. I choose chrome because the chances of the logs scratching the paint inside to hoops is high and with chrome the color will blend in. I have seen on other posts that people have used a hot glue gun to secure the rope, but I found it kept coming loose. I used a large needle and fishing line to secure the ends of the rope.

Step 4: Add Rope

I threaded the rope in a figure 8 pattern around the 3 posts and used fishing line again to secure it to the posts. Add your firewood and you have a unique and attractive firewood stand that will look great next to your fire place.

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