Firework Bundle


Introduction: Firework Bundle

Why you should do this...
This is one way to have fun on the Forth of July! You can do 2,3,4 really as many as you want! Very simple, fast, and fun. But just make sure not to blow your hand off in the process!

Step 1: Step One

First go to your nearest or local firework stand. Buy the little red dynamite sticks, they should come in a box as shown in the first picture.

Step 2: Step Two

Second, Cut two pieces of tape down the middle of the tape. Make sure the pieces of tape are each 1 inch unless you are doing more than three fireworks!

Step 3: Step 3

Third and final step, grab the fireworks "as many as you want" make sure you have long enough tape for the amount of fireworks you are using. Tape the fireworks together as shown in the third picture. Next grab the fuzes put them together tape the fuzes together. It should look like the third picture!



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