.50 CAL Ammo Box Firework Controller Build





Introduction: .50 CAL Ammo Box Firework Controller Build

My version of systemf92s Fireworks Controller. 12 channels crammed into a .50 cal ammo box. I used speaker binding post instead of spring terminals. Most of the work was put into drilling the holes and soldering. The hole top right was unused but was going to be for a power jack to charge the battery but never got the part.

The panel is brushed 20g steel with a clear coat to prevent shorts.



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    I just built my version of this, worked great. I buy electrical ignitors from phantom fireworks.

    Great pictures, but where's the documentation?

    I actually decided whether or not to do documentation on the build and ended up just doing it as a slideshow. Pretty much it was exactly the same circuit diagram that systemf92s had, but i just crammed it all into a .50 cal ammo box.

    Thanks for liking it,

    if you want a easy to make igniter that you can reuse just use a spring


    What did you use as an ignitor? I made some simple nichrome wire ignitors, but they were tedious to make.

    I tried to use what system93f used with the steel wool and the match heads. That way did not work for me that well. Now I am using 2-3 strands from stranded core 18g copper wire wrapped around the fuse a few times. I don't have any nichrome wire, but I did try to make some nitrocellulose igniters with the steel wool. Guess I need to let them dry longer and use more black powder.

    Something that also works is model rocket igniters. They are somewhat cheap, and you do not have to make them.

    I bought a large bundle of florists wire - glows white and melts with 12v - wrapping it around fireworks fuses works surprisingly well, although homemade e-matches are more reliable.

    How is the 18g copper wire working out for you? Is it pretty reliable? I am currently trying to find something more reliable than the steel wool method.