Step 7: Wiring the components: part 1

Connecting the components is probably the most daunting task of building this fireworks controller, but don't be afraid! Just follow step by step and watch what you are doing. Everything you have to do is covered here. Also, print out the schematic to double check your wiring after each step. It also helps to know how to solder. Search "how to solder" for more info.

I wired the push button switches to the speaker terminals first, running wire from one side of the pushbutton switches to each of the corresponding speaker terminal tabs. See the schematic for details.

After wiring these, I connected the fuseholder to the keyswitch and the keyswitch to the middle pole of the toggle swtich.

Next, connect all of the negative tabs of the speaker terminals (the pair in the middle) to each other and then together to a single wire leading to the quick connect tab that will later attach to the battery.

See the photos for more detail (they are in order). There is also the schematic file that made the image below. It was made in TinyCad.
yaly4 years ago
In picture no.6 what is the thing from radio-shack on the top left? is it a pair of wire cutters?
Not sure... I got one in my soldering kit but have no idea what it is.
dema12co5 years ago
Just looked at this and thinking of making my own, I saw you used two 470 Ohm resistors on the LEDs though, the Lite-on spec pages call out 2.6V and 30mA max, which would be a 330 Ohm max resistor. Was your LED circuit setting off your charges or was this just a mistake in the calcs?
would it be possible to add a led for when its "armed" ? 
You could remove R3 and R4 in the circuit and move the green LED and connect the cathodes together. That would save quite a bit of time and a little bit of money!

Would it not be easier to use bicolor LED's aswell?