Firing Tape ! (knex,can Also Be a Truck!)





Introduction: Firing Tape ! (knex,can Also Be a Truck!)

About: cousins w/ blackrod

Hellow instructablers! This is a knex gun that looks like a tape dispencer! Hope ye like !

Step 1: Body

i would make 2 of these lol.

Step 2: Barrel

The barrel is fun. oh 10 yellow connectors are required.

Step 3: Attach Barrle and Make Fireing Pin( Finish Gun )

1.attach barrel
2.make pin (tape)

Thanks for making



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    you know he's dead right? "Pokes dead body" Poke,poke,poke AHHHH IT MOVED!!!!!!!!!!

    why not just attach a small knex gun on the bottom of a tape dispencer? lol


    i <3 this gun


    how does it fire

    Is your name matt? I think i no u

    who me?

    lol why? sum other dudes were doing it so i just copied and pasted lol

    sorry i didnt know

    you can't have a box inside another box theres a box inside the box that says "add tape"

    id id something like this once, but with a bunch of needles in it. some claymore mine from a highliter pen

    can you email me the bullet for the gun? pleas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i shot mine and it went 50 feet? because i used a strong rubberband.

    if you drill a 6mm hole in a real tape holder, wich you slide the tape one, it also works, and then also add a razor and voila :D

    nice? prob cuz im bored and freezing my hiar with air duster

    i hate when people put those boxes inside of other boxes... i cant read what is there!!!