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Introduction: Mini First Aid Kit

About: working my way to be like my dad as a firefighter/paramedic for the city of Memphis. also, I'm a boy scout working towards my eagle, prepper, junior firefighter/emt (as my dad calls it).

this is a really nice first aid kit that I made;

some additional items that could be added are: a sting relief wipe, some amount of duct tape, a safety pin for popping blisters, a small patch of moleskin, gloves, a small CPR face shield, basic medication (aspirin, Tylenol, Pepto-Bismol, etc.), strike anywhere matches, very slim tweezers (like the kind out of a Swiss Army Knife), electrolyte drink powder (like Propel packets that can be mixed into a water bottle), and anything else you think you might need!!!

Step 1: Put Stuff in

Put your sorted band aids/antibotics and put gloves in too.

Step 2: Done

Read step. Also i just remembered that im gonna update this soon I'm still getting supplies for it :)



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