First Aid Kit (with instructions for making a lined zipper pouch)

Picture of First Aid Kit (with instructions for making a lined zipper pouch)
This is a great gift idea for parents--a kid-friendly first aid kit for the car. In addition to ideas for the kit, this instructable explains how to sew a lined, zipper pouch with a triangle bottom.

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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
For the pouch:
~ 1/3 yard (or largish scraps) of: a mid-weight wool (or corduroy) and a printed cotton (for the lining)
4x4" square of red felt (or cotton is fine)
a 12 inch zipper
sewing machine
red thread and thread to match your fabrics

For the first aid kit:
variety of first aid supplies, snacks and other "useful items" I included:
Diaper wipes
Hand sanitizer
Bandaids and gauze
Tweezers and nail clippers
Snacks and water
Cough drops
Shout wipe
Safety pins

You may also want to add:
Other OTC medicines
small scissors
duct tape (not for the children ;)
small pad of paper

Step 2: Sewing the zipper pouch--cutting fabric

Picture of Sewing the zipper pouch--cutting fabric
Fold each fabric in half (the gray exterior fabric and the lining cotton) and cut a 12x10 inch rectangle where the fold is the bottom of the rectangle and the rectangle is wider than it is tall (unfolded, your pieces will be 12x20"). I use my rotary cutter to do this but you can measure and use scissors.

From the red fabric, cut a 4 inch square. Then fold the square in quarters and cut out the edges (as shown in photos) to make a cross.

With the exterior (gray) fabric folded, position the cross in the center of what will be the front of the bag. Unfold and pin and then stitch the cross in place with the sewing machine using red thread (or hand stitch) (or glue it)

A note on fabric: I really like the look of the charcoal gray fabric on the outside with the red cross. You could use gray felt, corduroy, wool suiting or even scraps for outgrown wool pants (I did this for another pouch). This pouch is made with a wool knit that is washed and dried to felt it. For the lining, a 100% cotton quilting fabric is fine.
nanaplati5 years ago
Hi Melissa!
I've just used your instructions for sewing a pouch for my brother in law's toiletries. I think it looks really cool! Thanks  for the tutorial! 
are the ear plugs for the father ? ;0)