Picture of First Aid Kit
Here are some important items that really improve a first aid kit, for just about any situation. Wether it is a minor cut or life threatening accident, you can be ready for it. As the Boy Scouts I am, I always say, BE PREPARED!!!

Step 1: Hand Sanitizer

Picture of Hand Sanitizer
This can be used to clean a cut or sterilize your hands before eating, applying first aid, or changing lantern mantles.
thehbird1 year ago
You might not want to sterilize a open wound with hand sanitizer
Mikeman4290 (author) 1 year ago
In the middle packet with my band aids I have some, the blue and white square packages, the aqua blue and yellow packets are some too
Mattakers1 year ago
you should add alcohol prep pads
Mikeman4290 (author) 2 years ago
No but in the news a guy was hunting and his dog fell and got a huge cut on his side. The man had it in his car, sealed the cut, took his dog to the hospital and saved its life.
GrissleFist2 years ago
I have never heard of using a 2 part epoxy on severe cuts. Have you actually tried it?