Picture of First Aid Kit
Here are some important items that really improve a first aid kit, for just about any situation. Wether it is a minor cut or life threatening accident, you can be ready for it. As the Boy Scouts I am, I always say, BE PREPARED!!!
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Step 1: Hand Sanitizer

Picture of Hand Sanitizer
This can be used to clean a cut or sterilize your hands before eating, applying first aid, or changing lantern mantles.

Step 2: Medical Tape

Picture of Medical Tape
This can be used for a jammed or broken finger to be held together with a splint or the attach gauze to a wound.

Step 3: Ace Bandage/ Sewing Kit/ Snake Bite Kit

Picture of Ace Bandage/ Sewing Kit/ Snake Bite Kit
This ace bandage can be used for a sprain for a sling if needed. The needle can be used for popping blisters, sewing a rip in clothing or a pack, and can be used to stitch up a bad cut. The rubber rand are used in case of a snake bite to mostly cut off the circulation in the area so the poison/venom does not travel though your body.

Step 4: Moleskin

Picture of Moleskin
This is used for blisters to stop the rubbing of the area where it occurs, an O or doughnut shaped piece will relieve the pressure on it and will help the swelling go down. The scissors wrapped in tape can be used to cut the moleskin or anything else that needs cut, the tape is used so that it does not poke through the bags and can be used for anything.

Step 5: Creams

Picture of Creams
Neosporin is used to help heal wounds and keeps the skin moist so that it heals. Lotion can be important for bad skin and other skin problems. A tube of Benadryl will help relieve itching and other problems for plants like poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac, and can help stop allergic reactions.

Step 6: Bandages

Picture of Bandages
These are extremely important because they are used for minor cuts, and have numerous sizes and shapes. The ones I have included are: small, normal, large, finger tip, knuckle, butterfly, and gauze. I also carry alcohol prep pads to clean wounds, which can be picked up after a meal at a restaurant. Wings places especially, and Quaker Steak & Lube generously give them out.
thehbird1 year ago
You might not want to sterilize a open wound with hand sanitizer
Mikeman4290 (author) 1 year ago
In the middle packet with my band aids I have some, the blue and white square packages, the aqua blue and yellow packets are some too
Mattakers1 year ago
you should add alcohol prep pads
Mikeman4290 (author) 2 years ago
No but in the news a guy was hunting and his dog fell and got a huge cut on his side. The man had it in his car, sealed the cut, took his dog to the hospital and saved its life.
GrissleFist2 years ago
I have never heard of using a 2 part epoxy on severe cuts. Have you actually tried it?