Introduction: First Aid Survival Kit

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Step 1: Container

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Get a small container, about 3 x 3", that will fit all of this stuff. This will hold everything, nothing will be outside of the box.

Step 2: Bandages

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Next step is to find bandages. Every first aide kit needs bandages. Not too many, just a few. One big, a couple mediums, couple smalls.

Step 3: Gauze

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Gauze doesn't seem like something you would need, but you are in the wilderness. That is normally where you will need gauze or when gauzes used, when people get hurt in the wilderness.

Step 4: Duct Tape

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Duct tape doesn't seem like it could be used for medical supplies, but if a Band-Aid or gauze is not staying, it can be used to seal it. To wrap the duct tape take small pieces and folded over until you have the amount you want. At the end, make a little fold over for a tad to unfold it.

Step 5: Cotton Swabs or Cotton Balls

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Cotton swabs and balls can be used to put in between gauze and Band-Aids to help seal cuts. Or, they can be used to clean cuts.

Step 6: Fluid Squeezer

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This can be used to shoot water, or any kind of liquid into a cut, for if you use water On a cut, it will help clean it out. It can be also used for any other kind of liquid.

Step 7: Medicines and Cleaners

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For medicines in cleaners, you can use whatever you want. But for this tutorial, we used Tylenol for our Medicine, we used hand sanitizer 24 hour cleaner, And there is antibacterial cream to help with cuts and washing

Step 8: Matches and Striker

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Matches also don't seem to be used for medical purposes, but it can be used for a wide blood gushing cut, to seal it. I seeling it you light the match and waited over the cut to Burn a scab really fast

Step 9: Finished Medical Kit

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So there you have it! A little medical kit that you could take on your adventures. You can change, or add, or subtract, on any of these items.


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