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If you're a Supernatural fan like I am, then I'm sure you're going to want to cosplay at some point!

So I've come up with the perfect way to make a cheap alternative of the First Blade for a Dean Winchester cosplay!

This isn't as accurate as the props you can buy but its a fraction of the price, and its home made!

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Step 1: Template

Picture of Template

I started this DIY off by creating my template on plain white paper.

I free handed my template using this photo as a reference click here

After cutting it out I traced it onto a very thin cardboard 4 times and then cut them out!

ps. There are no real templates online, and I didn't have the necessary equipment to post my drawing or else I would have!

pss. If you're using regular cardboard I would say trace and cut 2 out.

Step 2: Glue Together

Picture of Glue Together

After you've cut everything out lay them on top of each other to make sure they're all equal.

If everything's fine and dandy then begin to assemble them!

I used a medium heat hot glue gun to glue them together, but I'm sure any kind of glue would work!

Let everything set completely before moving to the next step!

Step 3: Paper Mâché

Picture of Paper Mâché

I'd say this is the most time consuming and messy step in creating the blade, but it will cover the raw cardboard edges and make it completely solid.

Combine 1/2 cup flour and 3/4 cup water in a bowl and mix together until smooth.

Rip newspaper into roughly 1 inch strips and begin dipping into the mixture.

Cover the blade in the wet newspaper and smooth out along the way.

Let this dry over night!

Tip: 1 inch (or smaller) strips will make it easier to get in between the small spaces.

Step 4: Paint

Picture of Paint

After it is completely dry you can begin the painting process.

To ensure you have a blank canvas I recommend painting it a base coat of white.

(Having this base coat will make sure all newspaper is covered)

Once the white layer is dry you can paint a coat of beige or very light brown.

I didn't have any beige paint on hand so I made the blade an off white with pencil crayons!

Step 5: Details

Picture of Details

I started my details off with outlining and defining the teeth.

Then adding shading along the blade with different browns to add that aged effect.

Then using some black fabric (I had black bell bottomed jeans laying around so I used that) I cut out long but thin strips.

Using these strips I recreated the leather binding on the handle, and glued it all down with hot glue.

Step 6: And Now You're Finished!

Picture of And Now You're Finished!

So this is my finished First Blade for my cosplay!

I hope this Instructable was helpful for anyone wanting to create the blade!

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Xnsfw_spnX (author)2017-09-24

Exactly why do I need to use paper mache?

Supernatural.A (author)2016-08-09

this was awesome! thanks so much! :)

gabgra11 (author)2016-08-02

This looks great! Nice job!

Jedi_zombie85 (author)2015-09-30

awesome, nice job

giorgia14 (author)2015-09-23

Big fan of Supernatural!! Nice idea!

CassKnowlton (author)giorgia142015-09-23

Thanks so much!

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-09-19

Nice prop


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