First Ever Real Gingerbread Autonomous Robot (unverified Claim)




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Introduction: First Ever Real Gingerbread Autonomous Robot (unverified Claim)

Two engineers should not be left alone during a snow storm with gingerbread and a microcontroller.  The following documents our results:

This is an autonomous cliff sensing gingerbread robot, commonly referred to as "Ginger."  The Gingerbread was fabricated using a food network recipe, and the parts (excluding the wheels) were fabricated post cooking using a serrated knife and other assorted hand tools.  The wheels were molded to accommodate their structural role.  Brake lights engage when a cliff is sensed or when the robot is in reverse. 

Midway through trials, some parts broke, but were fastened together with tape, and have not been repaired as of the publishing of this instructable (but will be soon, stay tuned).  Un-taped final photos were not captured due to overwhelming robot excitement.

Not a house!? Try and convince my servos of that! 
Just be prepared to meet the saddest servos on the planet if you do :-(

Video can be found here, including the failure:

Thanks for looking!

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    how did u wire it it's really cool.

    Oh, this gives whole new meaning to the term 'electronics breadboard'


    i would have eaten it a while ago :P

    great work :)

    Very nice.  Contrats!

     hooray! I'm so excited for you!



    You have put together the two things I love most in life!
    ROBOTS and FOOD!

    That is pretty epic. How do you people come up with these crazy/awesome/odd ideas!

    2 replies

    Hey thanks!  To come up with an idea like this, you really have to become gingerbread, and ask the question, "what do I  want out of life?"  With this approach to building, it is really quite obvious (at least to me) how gingerbread becomes autonomous.

    I understand the way now...

     just fantastic, sad to see it miss the competition, we'll have to compare notes, I think I've got the structural integrity down...

    2 replies

    I think we are all good now.

     very happy it's in the comp.  :)